Aedile report #1


Aedile report #1

Welcome to my first ever report as the Aedile of House Empire's Chosen!


For people that do not know me, I'm Xantros. I've been a member of the Brotherhood for last 10 years. For most of the time, I've sticked to Scholae Palatinae both as a rank member and your humble servant (Battleteam Leader and Aedile). I've also served as a Rollmaster of Clan Odan-Urr and worked as an assistant to the Master-At-Arms and to the Headmaster. I've authored few guidelines for COU and co-authored or reviewed and (at least partially) rewritten few Shadow Academy courses.

I hope that my experience will be helpful for you. I strongly encourage you to talk to me, particularly when you have any ideas, questions or doubts. I'm here to listen to you and to assist you in any way I can. In Telegram channels you can ping me or write me a PM (@djb_xantros) or send me an e-mail ([Log in to view e-mail addresses])

My hobbies include writing stories and flooding Telegram channels with GIFs.

Competitions highlights

There are many interesting competitions happening across the Brotherhood. This corner is aimed to highlight some of the most interesting ones.

  1. Project Phoenix – A short Clan event that involves three nice and easy competitions that are definitely worth taking part in. Puzzle, fiction and graphics offer you a nice opportunity to earn awards and credits. I've already submitted to all these comps, but the deadline is the last day of August;
  2. Now this is Podracing – For all fans of podracing, here is an opportunity to design your own podracer! This is a graphic competition that ends at the end of the month;
  3. Hello, Earthlings – A nice fictional competition that revolves around one's main character (alternative character or an NPC) crashlanding on Earth. Three prompts allow you to choose one that is the most interesting for you and you can submit your entry until the end of August; Star Wars Movie Madness PT Animals & Transports (Easy) - – An opportunity to test your knowledge regarding iconing Star Wars transports. You may enter the competition to the 29th of August, but subscribe only, if you are really ready to work on your submission as it is a timed competition;
  4. FIST-sponsored gaming – A cluster race allowing to use any supported gaming platform. It counts towards GMRG score calculation for members that are Rank X and aboce.

More competitions are available at Competition Center

Glimpse into the future

We are undertaking various actions and projects to improve your experience in our Clan. You can expect more communication from us in the future.

Currently, we are assembling a team to work on Clan's wiki. It's a huge thing, but even a smallest contribution is important. A wiki article, a section, even a paragraph or a single picture allows to make a progress with the work. Few small things may become a big thing, so if you do not feel you are capable to invest a lot of time or you doubt into your skills, doing a small thing for the Clan will also be a very valuable contribution that we will appreciate very much.


Never fear to approach us with anything you wish. Opinions, questions, ideas or just a friendly chat. All are welcome, you are welcome to chat with us. We are here for you. Always :)

Great first report! Hype.

Nice report!

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