Aedile Report 7: Still Streaking


Aedile Report 7: Still Streaking


The Brotherhood and you

Hello everyone, this is your action news reporter with all the news that is the news across the DJB at the scene of the supermarket. Selika was at the scene and tells us in her report that the Wiki Staff is taking applicants for new staff members up to June 25th. Updates on character profiles have been instated. If this is too overwhelming she leaves us with the advice to keep calm and Wiki on.

Evant had reported earlier, live at the scene of the local gas station. To recap, formatting of Clusters of Ice and ways to earn them have been updated and can be reviewed at the Clusters of Ice wiki page.

At the scene of the local basketball game Mayda Ferium has announced the opening of Judecca World. Taking up the work of Dr. Jango Hammond, Mayda has revived his research and opened the park to the DJB. Check out more about this DJB wide competition

Star Wars News

Something new to add to the reading list. The new novel Star Wars: Dark Disciple is slated for a release on July 9th. The plot seems to follow Asajj Ventress, hired by the Jedi, to take out Count Dooku.

Competions, Competitions, Competitions

Some locally run competitions:

And as always, check out the competition page for more things to do.

KE Raistline Taldrya Majere

Into the quad; through the gymnasium?

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