Alliance Is Here


Alliance Is Here


Caesar looked at the hologram which spring before him, on the deck of the Huntsman, “Urgent we require help, we are in danger Battle Team Shadow Guard Clan Scholae Palatinae”. “We await your answer”. Caesar looked at Lev and then at the Crew, by the look of their faces they were going to say yes.

As you can tell we are in an Alliance with the Battle Team Shadow Guard, from Clan Scholae Palatinae, and their Leader is Called Delak, and thanks to his team that we are in this Alliance, we are going to have a month long event of comps for both teams. Starting hopefully between the 1st of Jan or a little later depending on details etc.

Activity Dazta Dark Maven Lore Freshman II Alchemy Studies Mandairan Studies Races and Species Galactic Languages Gaming 102 fist o matic Comms 2 Telegram WELL DONE ON EVERYTHING YOU HAVE DONE DAZTA

Docta Promo to Neophyle Dark Maven Flight Freighters / Transports Dark Jedi Brotherhood Basics Capital Star Ships and Studies WELL DONE DOCTA ON ALL YOU HAVE DONE

Black Hawk Promo to Neophyle WELL DONE FELLA KEEP IT UP

THE HUNTSMAN CREW JOBS Garloaf On board weapons Engineer Black hawk landing party and weapons export Docta Pilot

Congrats Everyone thank you for your hard work Keep it up Guys and Girls, also don’t forget Wiki Page Comp, and these Events which are coming up I urge all to enter…

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