And falling from the Sun


And falling from the Sun

A report, wherein Muz brags up his team and their accomplishments, lets out a sigh of relief that Operation Firestorm is over, mourns the combo breaker in Night Hawk comp participation, and laughs at fried chicken.


Operation Firestorm has recently come to an end, and I have a feeling that we put in a good try. I know that I myself put in submissions for 9 of the 13 competitions. I missed out on doing the second fiction event, and have had trouble getting back into gaming. (I did find a copy of Republic commando for two bucks, which is probably the only Star Wars Game I haven't played yet...and continues to be, because it crashes to desktop every time i try to play it. Dang.)

Since Firestorm hasn't been graded yet, shout out here to let us all know what events you have done!


Bad Habits has ended after an extension, and sadly, the Night Hawks run of 100% participation has hit a snag. (Insert sad face here) Macron, Ashia and myself all submitted entries (My entry was made public when i opened the comp, and can be clickied from the site).

Macron took first place with a pretty cool reflection on the damage he has caused in his career through the judicious use of his Violator Gas, and how in his rush to prove his worth, he denied many others the chance to an honorable death. It was a heck of a read, and Mac takes a Emerald Crescent for it.

Ashia's story delved into the addiction of power, namely the Rite of Exaltation, and how it led her down a dark path. There are some pretty cool creepy moments there, bordering on insanity, but I don't want to spoil the reveal. Ashia took second place for her entry and will receive a Topaz crescent for it.

Those medals, and the calculated CIs, are working their way through the system as we speak.

Now with Bad Habits over, we can concentrate on the Heart of Coruscant. Watch your email for the evolution of 'the plan' and how we can start gunning for that. I don't want to spam us with competitions, so I won't roll another one out until the Heart is completed, barring any major call for otherwise.


Outside of Operation: Firestorm, it has been a pretty quiet month for us as a team. While we are waiting on results (and shinies) for that event, it does bear stating that Raistlin has accumulated 9 clusters of earth and 25 clusters of fire since the last report. That is pretty awesome, actually.

I did spend some time tweaking and thinking about my character sheet, actually. I had fallen into the thing that I complained about people doing the whole time that it was under development: I tailored the character sheet towards ACC wins. The character sheet is not an ACC sheet anymore, and it should reflect what your character is, what they enjoy, what they are good at, not just the prerequisite 'take as many points in the things you use to hurt people with'. Now, this may sound off, considering how i have ALL THE POINTS TO SPEND (GMing for years does that to a person), but it is important. We may all be badass, but in different ways. How Muz goes about a thing is drastically different from how Macron does, or how Teu does, or how Daedric does. Those differences are more than just checkmarks on a sheet, but the sheet is the fascia, it's what lets other people know where to start from when writing your character.

Which gave me a heck of an idea for future fiction competitions, but I'll save that for after the Heart of Coruscant is over.

In unrelated, but still Starwarsish news, Ashia and I are going to DragonCon this September, and we have been ordering supplies to work on our new gear. I have a box of armor bits that just came in (and am waiting on stuff for my helmet and some other cool little things) for my Dark Armor, and Ashia is working up her nightsister costume. If anyone is planning on being in the Atlanta area about that time, and is looking for a cool weekend of hypernerdery, they should check it out. Aside from Ashia and myself, former Herald Shikyo, and one of the inventors of CNS's Black Guard, Shin'Ichi (Tharivol) will be there, as will who knows how many others. It's well worth the time, even if you don't go in costume.

And on that note, I am off to go pester various DC members about character sheets and lightsabers. Thanks for the attention, and keep having fun!


Nice report Muz. Keep rocking the House Night Hawks!

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