Another Small Report


Another Small Report


A New World

Bloodlines and Stuff

With our new planet on the way, there has been a lot of work that has been delaying my reworking of this event. Even this report has delayed it. However, it will hopefully be back on soon, and its release is tbd. In good news everything seems in order for it to be released when everything has settled and I finish the work on it.

We have had a lull in the action, but I hope that it will end. Supposedly there will be a Great Jedi War, and even if there isn't one, all the completions and events in the future should keep us busy. Now that the house keeping gas had a large portion mostly completed there should be more competitions and events on the horizon.

A Review of Events

As you guys have heard me drone in about, these last few months have not been the best time for me. I want to thank you for being a supportive group, your efforts have been very helpful. Thank you for being there for me guys, because of you I found it much easier to deal with everything. I'm not going to drone on anymore, but I want to thank you all. You have been an amazing group to work with and I hope to thank you by making Bloodlines, and all future events, to be the perfect event for you.

Roster (a.k.a. The Best of The Best)

The Swoop Savant

The Builder

The Mercenary

The Big Guy

The Lost

The Face

The Convict

The Pirate

The Beast

The Lizard


Signed with great mirth?

Tistito "Tisto" Kingang

Knight Commander, and Swoop Savant

Let's see that Blood! Great report Tisto!

Good job, Tisto. Thanks for the update!

Nice Report and I'm looking forward to keeping KoA Busy moving forward.

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