Apex Brigade Newsletter #2


Apex Brigade Newsletter #2

Welcome to round 2 of the Apex Brigade Newsletter!

Pretend it’s about a week ago so this seems a bit more timely. The Brigade hasn’t been up to terribly much in the past month, but I intend for next month’s report to have a lot more to say. It has been nice to see that my active members have taken up my advice from last report, and gotten into the ACB. Without further ado, on to the next section…


Good old Lexiconus not only won his Knighthood, but played in a lot of competitions and wrote tons of fiction last month, coming up just shy of winning First Blade thanks to Andrelious’s stellar contract work. Other members including Kanis and Kant were also seen doing good work for Arcona on contracts across the galaxy, and I myself have gotten into the fiction game. Of course, I could do a few more things to help my team participate more by having more things to do, which brings us to my next section…

Upcoming Plans

The Apex Brigade has come up a bit short on competitions and run-ons, which is something I aim to remedy in the next month for those interested. Some competition ideas I’m playing with include describing your character’s section of the Dajorra base, artwork and personality profiles of team members’ Magnaguard partners, and more.

In terms of a run-on, plans are underway to visit a certain forested world with hairy inhabitants with the team, but what to do there and why is still on the planning side. Team members interested in participating and helping plan can contact me over email.

A Note on Magnaguards

For my team, it’s very important that we all have something written down about our droid partners, which I confirm that all of our eight members possess. These Magnaguards being why the team is unique, it’s high time we design their personalities and appearances, archive them in the wiki, and make sure they make appearances in fiction. My partner, Echo, appears in both of my recent contract entries and also features in the one I’m working on presently. Use him for inspiration, and play with a few ideas. Does it have an odd personality? Modifications to its original design? Is it damaged somehow, physically and/or psychologically? Is your partnership friendly or adversarial? I’m also spending the next month recording Echo’s details on the wiki, as well as making pages available for the team to do the same for their droids. Once it’s all very concrete, I suggest placing a blurb about your droid partner on your character sheet in the form of a custom general aspect, to help others write your droid in run-ons and other fiction they're permitted in. If you want help with this process, email me or find me on Google+, as I can access both at almost any time, even from my phone.

Parting Ways, Embracing New Arrivals

I’ve got one bit of bittersweet news that’s come up fairly recently. Lexiconus, a force of nature in terms of activity and also a close buddy of mine, just won the Dark Forge BTL position. While I’m happy for him to be all he can be, it means I’m now short a member. Upon getting a volunteer email from Ernordeth, I promised him the first opening that came up. Again, interested parties should still email me if they’d like to join, and I will also outline our expected levels of future activity for members intending to be active in emails to team members.


A bit light in comparison to the last report, and a bit late. Prepping to move to another city to go to art school, attempting to win First Blade, and working in a sandwich shop all test one’s time management skills, and I slipped a bit. Expect the next report to have more to say, and be a bit more timely. Lex will be missed, but this battleteam goes on, hopefully to better days if I have anything to say about it.

On to the next adventures, guys!


Blood brothers, Adam! We will strive.

gw Adam!

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