Apostles of Syn Battleteam Report #1


Apostles of Syn Battleteam Report #1

The State of the Syn

Greetings everyone. This is my first report, and I want to stay away from the typical definition of what a “report” is. We all receive the emails and chats about what’s going on in our beloved Clan. My goal is to use my reports to offer helpful advice to what’s on the horizon. I’m going to offer hints that might give you the extra edge in winning a competition or battle. Please do not think of my tips as patronizing. I only hope I will provide the spark that will help you write your way out of a jam or make you look at something a new way.

Current Affairs: As everybody knows the next phase of the Fading Light Crusade is nearing. Watch for the instructions on how to sign up. Participation is paramount when it comes to Crusades, and no one wants to be left off the bracket because they missed the sign up deadline. It is always a good idea to practice, so if you have the ability I recommend challenging someone to a battle. If you can’t find anyone feel free to ask me.

I am not an ACC expert, but before this bracket gets underway I want to share a few tips I have learned from my own mistakes. First, do not overreach your character’s potential. Remember to play within your character’s proper rank and abilities. Your character doesn’t have to win the story for you to win the ACC battle. I have been guilty in the past of having Zed execute moves and feats he is not skilled enough to do. I have also learned that the environment is just as important as the characters in the fight. I have made the mistake of writing a “mortal combat, street fighter” style fight. Flat footed enemies trading punches is not entertaining to read. In your ACC battles make sure you describe the “flow” of the fight around the environment. Be creative; use the battle field as an addition weapon. Be sure to pay close attention to character sheets. This includes your enemy as well as yourself. If your enemy is a fan of ranged attacks do not have him going toe to toe with your character. You can force your enemy into doing things outside their comfort, but be sure to include their distaste for such actions. Stay away from “God mode.” No one should walk away from a bloody battle between two Force users unscathed. Which James Bond movies are more enjoyable? The super Bond who doesn’t even dirty his tuxedo killing 100’s of Soviets or the new Bond who gets chewed up, tortured, and bloody? Finally, don’t force the ending. I received criticism on my qualification battle for having an ending that didn’t fit the story. Focus on writing a good story and let the ending evolve. Don’t have a predetermined ending and make the story work out that way. That’s one of the pit falls to a writing mistake like too great of a Force feat or going against a character sheet.

Have fun. Good energy and positive vibes help keep your muse supplying creative ideas and knocking down writer’s block. I don’t want to hear how Hemmingway used alcoholism, keep it fun.

Mission Orders: We need to refresh our commitment on getting some new members. The best recruits are ones who are referred. Having a friend already in the club makes getting assimilated all the more easy. Don’t underestimate the power and draw of the DJB guild in online gaming. The ACC is a unique aspect which sets the Dark Jedi Brotherhood apart from other clubs.

Final Thoughts: If anyone needs a co-organizer or wants to bounce competition ideas off me, I’m always around. We are here to have fun and visit a galaxy far, far away. If you’re confused or need help all you need to do is ask. That’s why I’m here. Make sure you complete the ACC qualification courses. Plan ahead leaving time for the grading process, and provide buffer in case you need to retake the test. I cannot wait to see Clan Plagueis run the table and knock every other Clan/House down a peg.

Very informative boss. Good first report

Solid report, Zed!

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