Archanis February Report: A New Home?


Archanis February Report: A New Home?

Mimosa-Inahj homestead

Even after becoming Quaestor, Andrelious insisted on putting his family first. Even if his duties kept him busy well past the childrens’ bedtimes, the former Imperial would make sure that they knew he was home and safe.

Andrelious had just finished reading a bedtime story to Poppy and Etty when his home’s holoterminal buzzed loudly.

“At this hour? Really?” Kooki stated crossly as Mostynn fussed.

Andrelious activated the holoterminal and immediately recognised the form of his Aedile, Aldaric.

“I’ll assume this can’t wait. You’re not one to make social calls,” Andrelious declared.

“Indeed it cannot. We have received reports of an old Imperial Ton-Falk Escort Carrier located a few light years away from the Caelus system,” the Chiss announced in his usual tone.

“That’s hardly a threat. Even if it’s got a full hangar of TIE Defenders it won’t be able to threaten our space,” the Quaestor replied.

“I agree. I was thinking that we could acquire it. Archanis is in need of a command ship, is it not?” Aldaric ventured.

“Perhaps you are on to something. It’ll be a pretty good way to test the mettle of some of our men. I’ll admit that I’m not too familiar with some of them yet,” Andrelious explained, feeling Kooki glaring icily at him.


Andrelious was quietly pleased with just how many of Taldryan had signed up to Archanis. Many, such as Andan Marshall and Sithspawn, were veterans who remembered the glory days from Archanis’ past, whilst others, such as Volskven and Baelor, simply preferred the houses’ mandate to the more ‘stealthy’ approach of Ektrosis and the SRI.

“Greetings, Archanis. Today, Aldaric and I have a mission for you....” Andrelious began


Welcome to the latest Archanis report! Since the last report just before Christmas, plenty has happened around here!

House News

As you’ll have gathered from the fiction above, House Archanis is performing its first mission! The main focus is the acquisition of the Ton-Falk Escort Carrier that will serve as our command ship. The winner of the fiction competition will get to give the Escort Carrier its name, although Aldaric and I will keep a veto on that! ;)

Operation:Ignition is already live!

In addition to the Escort Carrier, our first forces have already been added to the clan roster and can be located here.

Since the last report, we have had some new members join us.

First of all, I’d like you all to give a massive welcome to Baelor Pwyll! If that name isn’t familiar, you most likely know him better as Raiju Kang! Raiju was my Quaestor during my time as Aedile of Dinaari, and he joins us fresh from a stint as Proconsul of Scholae Palatinae! His new character is a Jedi. This could be interesting...

And we have another Jedi joining us in the form of Volksven. As a Journeyman, might he be our first Knighting since reopening? Watch this space!

Clan News

The Caelus Chronicles, the Clan’s ongoing storyline, has concluded. As a result, Clan Taldryan’s forces are now officially recognised as the protectors of the Caelus system, with what was left of the Caelus Security Force merged into Taldryan’s forces.

With the story arc over, we will soon be embarking on a brand new storyline.

A Brief Introduction from the Aedile

Greetings everyone, Aldaric here! Since I’m a relative newcomer to both the clan and the DJB as a whole, I figured I should take this opportunity to introduce myself. I’ve been a member for about 7 months now and have done my best to keep busy. Besides currently being the Aedile of House Archanis, I am also currently a Magistrate to the Fist.

In character, I’m a Chiss. A seeker of knowledge and history who hopes to unravel some of the deeper mysteries of the force. I’ve joined with House Archanis to lend my skills as a tactician in hopes to gain access to the Rybanloth system to study it’s secrets, a subject that Andrelious has been quite evasive about since I have came here. Though, things have been busy, and the discovery of the Ton-Falk Escort Carrier will further delay my research.

As far as real life goes. I’m a machine programmer by trade and a yinzer by birth. (I hope nobody knows what that means.) I’m mostly a gamer, but I’ve been slowly pushing myself into writing more. I have two boys at home that keep me busy. It’s an adventure.

In closing, I am grateful for the opportunity to be your Aedile. I have enjoyed my time in the DJB so far. It’s been great meeting some new people, something that is rather difficult to do otherwise given my schedule. If there are ever any questions or concerns that anyone has, feel free to find me on TG. I mostly lurk, but I am almost always available!


Operation: Ignition is go.
Two new Jedi in the house
Aldaric’s a very nice fellow indeed

Thanks for the welcome to the house, excited to be here. Glad to see some other Jedi in the house, let the take over commence... ;)

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