Arête BTL Report #9


Arête BTL Report #9

Battleteam Arête Report

A word from your BTL:

Looks like report time snuck up on me whilst I was busy with work and for that, you have my apologies. There are several things to go over in this one, so I hope you will bear with me as I ramble on. For starters, I would like to welcome a new member of Arête! Anigrel has just joined us from the Rogues. He’s a former member of Galeres and knows his stuff. Welcome, Anigrel!

Secondly, we are near the end of the Final Round of the Fading Light ACC Tournament where our very own Timeros has been battling it out with the best writers the Brotherhood has to offer. Will we see an Arconan win? The results after his opponent’s final post and the subsequent judgment are eagerly awaited. Good luck, Tim!

The wiki page has to be updated yet again. Though, this time I’m gathering the data as I go along... It seems like I’m adding something to the brainstorm document on an almost daily basis. There will also be a new logo as soon as I have inspiration to sketch out something that stands out to me that symbolizes Arête.

The Antei Contract Bureau is in near the end of the September Pilot. As a reminder, the Pilot ends on the 5th of October, so get some entries in! Revs currently holds the title of First Blade, but that can easily change hands. The request form for contracts can be found here.

That’s all for this time. See you in two weeks, folks!

What you can expect to see in todays report:

  • Awards
  • Activity



Since my last report, there have been a few shinies flitting through dossiers. They are as follows:

  • Celevon Edraven - Legion of the Scholar

  • Timeros Caesus Entar Arconae - Clusters of Ice (x2)

  • Invictus - Pendant of Blood, Clusters of Fire (x33) and a Legion of the Scholar

  • Kookimarissia Mimosa-Inahj - Steel Cross and a Crescent with Ruby Star

  • Revs - Anteian Cross and Clusters of Ice (x7)



Here are some competitions that are currently running. Of course, the Fading Light ACC Tournament is in the Finals, so I will not be adding in the link to that competition. To view the ‘Ladder’ of participants and the current battles, have a look here.


Great report bro

Nice report man. The Run-on looks to be enjoyable by everyone.

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