As the Embers once more, Ignite...


As the Embers once more, Ignite...

The Sergeant had a hat tipped over her eyes, covering up her bags under her eyes from staying up at night from repairing a ship. Lightly dozing, she’d been keeping the Battle Team Leader’s seat warm since Valkish’s departure from the team. Saskia grumbled in her sleep, her feet up on the desk facing the door. Nothing had been mentioned of the new Leader, that she had heard of anyway.

A warm breeze seeped through the crack in the door as she lay resting. The limelight in the ship flickered softly, a low hum crawled into the room as the door behind the sleeping Sergeant slid open. “Don’t touch my hat or you will need a new hand,” she said towards the dark presence in the room. Before she could utter another word, a large hand placed itself heavily against her face and the woman felt her face being pushed. Her body weight shifted to gain balance, but the chair also was forced back and the Sergeant was leaning against air. Scrambling her hands in panic above her head, a low toned voice pulsed from the shadow. “You’re in my chair, Sarge.”

“I would be, though if you asked nicely, I’d consider moving,” the Archpriestess sarcastically retorted, grasping at the edge of the desk to get her balance back.

With a soft sigh, the shrouded man took the hat off the Sergeant's head and slowly put it on his own, the rim shielding his eyes to leave only his grim mouth. With a concentrated stare in her direction, the man walked around in the shadow of the room and behind the desk. As he reached the centre, the sea blue glow of the data-pads lit his hand blue as he touched the boxes almost randomly. Removing his hand once more into the darkness, he whispered. “We have work to do, don’t we?”

“Well, Valkish did leave rather promptly and I’ve been waiting for you to get here before doing anything grand. I kept the place dust free at least,” the Cirrian replied, her hazel eyes flicking up to the male. “Anything you need to know, suppose I’m the person to come to, might be best to introduce you to the rest of the team since it’s happy hour at the bar…”

He walked further around the desk and his fingers swipe across a datapad to activate it. Once the datapad left his touch, the male raised his fingers and the pad followed into the air, keeping close behind him. Walking further around the old, unused desk, he walked to the edge of the limelight and stopped before he entered it, with just the rim of the hat in the light. With soft crunching and sighing sounds coming from the male, a piece of straw was spat onto the floor. “Well, to the bar then. I’ll work drunk if need be, Saskia.” With a flick of his hand, the datapad slowly floated to just an arm’s length from the male, and into the light. Then a sea-blue arm reached out and snatched the pad from thin air, handing it to her.

“Glad to be in the minority, I’ll have to hold my breath in there then,” the Archpriestess grumbled, taking the pad with grace.

With one soft nod of the shaded hat, the male headed towards the door, waving his hand to open it. “Where can we expect to find this bar? I am not familiar with this place.”

“Just follow the smell,” Saskia said, leading the way down the corridor to the small common room that was taken up mostly by the wide range of alcoholic drinks and wooden bar. The woman was holding her nose as they entered, getting the attention of the five members.

As the male walked into the common area, the strong and concentrated aura of toxins that he deemed inedible washed over his face like an invisible wave. He grunted softly, holding the urge to baulk, then grabbed the female’s hat on his head to wave the clean air towards him. With a soft cough, he returned the hat to the Sergeant and stands forward a yard. “Attention battle members.”

“Thanks for that,” the Human said, holding the hat between two fingers as a Neti, a Ryn, a Twi’lek, a Mirakula and another Human all drunkenly got to their feet. Though some had consumed more than others from the swaying of the lowest ranked member of the Battleteam.

He sighed softly, slowly running his sea blue palm across his cheek in disbelief. To look at this group disheartened him, even looking at the human with her nose clenched he could see disbelief. Returning his gaze to the heavily intoxicated members, he straightened his posture and continued from her reply. “Sober up, we have work to do. We need a home, a reputation and any other means to bring honour to the name; Dark Forge. I advise you do it now because the Force is unforgiving.”

Welcome to a new age in Arcona guys, I am proud but also hesitant in saying that I will add drive to this battle team and take it to a new level of activity. During the next few weeks, I will try with the help of my Number One Saskia, to bring life back into this team and give everyone a chance to have fun, make a footprint and interact outside of their circles. Also, with the quarter-final of Fading Light approaching fast, we can expect us to see tension, commitment and support for the remaining Arconans. Which for us, the remaining combatants are Cel2, TT, Tim, Sight and Atty.

So incase you’re wondering what on Antei am I going to do about this team, here are some pointers that I will list to break down the topics:

  • Wiki refit
  • Revamp fiction
  • Customise perks
  • Such competitions, many rewards

Dark Forge Wiki

I had the opportunity over the last few days before work overloaded me to scan the wiki for the history of Dark Forge, and while I can admit that a heavy amount of thought and progress has been created for the Battle Team, it’s not the direction that I wish us to go. I admire the hard work, but it is not what I see in Dark Forge. What I imagine this team to be is a Force-sensitive Bureau of information dealers, adventurers and astute mechanics. So in light of new leadership, I will try with the help of my cute in-flight Sergeant to edit this wiki so it better suits our aim in fiction and the story that we wish to follow.

Revamp Fiction

Okay, so since I have started working inside Dark Forge and under Galeres command, I have discussed with others on what to do in order to bring activity levels higher than your Uncle Jimmy’s blood cholesterol. So the simple idea is to connect into the member’s interests. To include in this report, I mention the following:

Have at what you will, fellow members! Enter The zone

Customise Perks

This is the area where you can contribute, so I am putting my hand out to members of Dark Forge. Thi is your area where I invite you to summon your wisdom, turn on your imagination and flip up your creativity cap. We need a unique item, a symbol of our reputation (Which is currently inexistant) I am open to all possibilities, as long as you can carry it easily. My main idea which is favoured, is the use of a unique glider suit that can be used to traverse harsh environments. Other ideas and props are always welcome, or if you want to give something towards a Competition, a fictional thread or something uniquely your brain child. Bear in mind that I will make a Run-on, include your name in the wiki and invite outsiders to take part in our amazing and awesomely superior team. No cooties allowed!

If you want to ask me some questions, email me, if you want to chat and discuss your future within the team, please do not hesitate to tug me into your kinky room and tie me down with leather. With that I want to wish for a bright future for our team because will not be gentle with sobering you up. Until next time!

Lead by example! #TigerBlood

DJK Lexiconus

Great job, Lexic! Also, WOOHOO, report fictions :P

waves flags Great first report!

He... he used #Tigerblood in his first report. sniff I'm so proud.

Hell of a debut, Lexiconus. You're gonna be a star.

They grow up so quickly :(...

Didn't realise I counted as cute =P

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