Battleteam Acclivis Draco Report of August


Battleteam Acclivis Draco Report of August

Hello everyone and welcome to another Battle team report for Acclivis Draco. Hope your enjoying the summer while it is wrapping up in the next weeks. It's been a light load for news since the last report but excitement is here.

Muz recently put out his report as well as Raken so check those out. I will not get into either of them because that is their report but still read it because it is important for the integrity of the Brotherhood. Tales of the jedi competition is still going on which can give you an opportunity for a crescent for each fiction that comes out. I understand it is the light side of the force but can be just as enjoyable as you create a story. I encourage you to not miss out on this opportunity.

The house has a variety of competitions going on right now so check them out and see what gauges your interest. Xantros has different fiction competitions going on right now, each that are different. Evant has a competition out as well in the flash gaming genre where you perform surgery. What could be better than learning how to operate without the liability concerns( Yes I inserted a corny joke). Dante also has a poetry competition that is ending in a few days giving a great opportunity to see what Big Daddy( lol) is up to at the Gentlemen's club. There is also a run-on in the discourse just for fun. It is no grading or awards, allowing no pressure at all where you can practice your skills in run-on or write.

Now for the Battleteam, which is where I will be talking about for the most part. With a small team of people, I was happy with the turnout of people that participated in the competitions. Thank You for being a part of it and giving me an opportunity to enjoy your submissions. The good news is that everyone got something out of the competition which made me feel better that everyone is a winner. I will be using some of your submissions as part of revamping our fictional identity on the wiki page. We will be a fictional identity of lore-keeping within the royal library of the house as guardians which was where the fiction came in. I plan on using the designing and poetry as well, while I am unable to tell you exactly now is because I do not know yet. Don't worry however, I got some ideas to incorporate everything in an array of fictional identity for the team.

On Another note, Xantros has been awarded a Grand Cross of the dark side, which is an outstanding award for dedication within the Brotherhood. His work across the House has been recognized as an enormous contribution to the function of Scholae. Congratulations Xantros!

That is all I have to say but if anyone has any questions, concerns, ideas or anything else do not hesitate to get in contact with me.

Great update Lucyeth. For the Empire! :)

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