Battleteam Devil's Shroud Report #2


Battleteam Devil's Shroud Report #2


Things seem to be calming down for Clan Naga Sadow after our actions on Ambria and Felucia. Enjoy your well deserved shore leave at the Citadel in a series of clan wide competitions. From drinking fiction to trivia games, there is room for all of CNS and our rowdy patrons. So grab a drink and relax, while you still can.

Situation Report

CNS leadership has been talking about a series of clan wide run on events that will be taking place in the coming months. Each story will be ran by a different member so there will be many different themes for all to enjoy. The first of these stories is currently in the works and I will release a separate report when more details are available. Enjoy your shore leave and I hope to see you all participate in THE HEIST (trademark pending).

Ask the BTL

For the first time ever I present, "Ask the BTL of Devil's Shroud"

Syn asked "What direction are you taking the team? Any changes or storylines?" Answer: "The Devil's Shroud will be focused on ground combat within fiction. We plan on working closely together with our sister team, The Disciples of Dakhan, in order to create an effective fighting force and a fun fictional experience for all involved. In terms of storylines there is clan fiction in the works. In addition there will be a series of monthly run on events hosted by the different members of CNS leadership that I hope all will enjoy."

Bentre asked "How is my old seat fitting these days?"
Answer: "Truth be told it's quite comfortable, though I may need to make a few changes so that it can be perfect."

Closing Comments

I figured that I would keep this report short and sweet as you all have enough reading to do. I'm happy to see that HSD is finally taking a lead over HMR in the Citadel drinking competitions. Hopefully this is a good sign for increased participation in the many fun events that we have planned for Clan Naga Sadow.

Knight Calenhad signing off.

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