Battleteam Harbingers Report - The Red Flower blooms


Battleteam Harbingers Report - The Red Flower blooms

The Red Flower Blooms


Greetings, my brothers of BattleTeam Harbingers. Today is March 23, Two thousand and fifteen. My first "Report", you could say. You can also say that this is a "Monday". But enough of that word, let us move onto the things that one is interested in. In this report, we shall cover the general things, a few extra things, and a few final notes. May you come out, your time exchanged for something worthwhile. Enjoy.


The amount of competitions we have had going on has slowly wound down, though I am quite certain it is going to wind up fast rather soon. Pick a few that you find fun and enjoyable, and go enjoy yourselves.

General Competitions

A gaming competition of PVP, supports Jedi Academy, Starcraft 2, X-Wing Series, Pazaak, and SWTOR. * Revenge of the Meme

Find the funniest Star Wars Meme that you can find, or make your own! * Taldryan Trivia A fun Trivia event.

A trivia competition as well. Get the most answers right with the fastest amount of time to win!

Mobile Gaming Competitions

A simple, little fun filled game that can run on any Android device. For those of you who do not have a Mobile device on which to do this, I suggest Googling BlueStacks.

Gaming Competitions: Specific

A Diablo 3 Competition.

A fun looking Space fighting game. Reminds me of Star Citizen and Dark Space a bit, personally.

Starting in a few days. A excellent time to game, as every Cluster of Fire you earn is doubled.

Special Competitions

These here are a bit special. They are hosted by the Herald and the associated staff. Design your own Lightsaber, Robes, or Medal! Either get Gimp for image editing, or if your a bit crazy, feel free to check up on the tutorials on JKhub on saber making and getting Gmax/3Ds-Max for some awesome, 3d Saber design and help. Also, these may not be seen again for a very, very long time, so once again, have some fun if this is your kind of thing.


Ah, it is that time of the week. To list all of the things our brothers have accomplished in the span of one week. Congragulations to everyone in Battle Team Harbingers for what you have done from 15th to 21st of this month.

Omega Kira
  • 126 Clusters of Fire.

  • One Sapphire Star Awarded, 3rd place in the Eulogy for Tarax Competition.

Talon Drear
  • 15 Clusters of Fire

  • 1 Srescent with Ruby Star Awarded, for achieving 1st place in the SW:Commander: Roolan's Wrath Competition.

  • 89 Clusters of Fire
  • 1 Pendant of Blood
  • 1 Crescent with Diamong Star awarded
  • 1 Crescent with Saphire Star Awarded
  • 1 Crescent with Amethyst Star Awarded


Well then, my brothers, below are suggestions to what you should do to get yourself promoted to your next rank in the grand scale of things, with the ultimate goal being Dark Jedi Knight.

Jedi Hunter Swifty Chapple - 72% Complete
  • Participate in twelve more competitions(Counts twice)
  • Complete a few Shadow Academy courses to reach SA rank 4.
  • Have one Shadow Academy Degree(Excluding Pundits)
  • Create a quality Wiki article of your Character.
  • Earn 75 Clusters of Fire, or 150 to count twice.
  • Reach GMRG Society Rank 4
  • Pass 2 Shadow Academy courses from the (Department Of Leadership Studies) department(s)
  • Co-Organize one Competition! Two to count twice!
  • Write some fiction of 1500 words, or 3000 to count twice.
Novice Rogue_13 - 50% Complete
  • Participate in one more competition
  • Pass two Shadow Academy Courses
JH Deidra - 87% Complete
  • Participate in eight more competitions(Counts twice)
  • Create a quality Wiki Article of your Character
  • Write some fiction of 1500 words, or 3000 to count twice.

OR, instead of one or two of the above

  • Reach SA Society Rank 4
  • Reach GMRG Society Rank 4
Novice Colon Xaea - 83% Complete
  • Participate in one more competition
Apprentice Wick - 0% Complete
  • Create a Character Sheet, and have it approved OR Any Shadow Academy course OR participate in one competition.


  • Participated in Taldryan Gatekeeper Trials, March 2015 (Running)
  • Participated in Star Wars Online Collectable Card Game Open
  • Participated in Return of the Return of the Taldryan Trivia #4
  • Subscribed to GMRG Gorefest: February 2015 (in March) (Upcoming)
Omega Kira
  • Subscribed to Return of the Return of the Taldryan Trivia #4
  • Participated in House Dinaari - House of Horrors
  • Participated in Monthly Mobile Gaming: ZigZag
  • Participated in Speed Sporcle Challenge #9
  • Participated in GMRG Gorefest: January 2015 (in March)


Well then, things are in what I would call the normal cycle. Things wind up a bit, things wind down a bit, and life goes on. I encourage every member of Battle Team Harbingers to keep on working, and to even pick up more activity, as long as it is fun and enjoyable, of course. The Dark Jedi Brotherhood offers numerous activities of fun and enjoyment, and everyone should dive in headfirst. As a wise Panda once said, "Do all things." Of course, some may question the sanity of listening to a Panda. However my friends, let us remember one genuinely, important thing. Sanity is a myth.

Misc Things

Well then, welcome to my little corner. The Abyss Walker lurks within. Now then, in my Reports, I shall have a extra final thoughts section to dedicate to misc things. Be it in the Brotherhood, life in general, or the like.

In the Brotherhood, we have seen a lot more activity recently on part of the new Administration(Darth Pravus and Co). A lot more coordinated activity as well. Things are picking up in pace in regards to the future of the Brotherhood in every aspect, be they the fictional, the services offered, and or the general experience. We have had numerous Chamber of Justice convictions as well recently, and though a genuine pity, and it would be better that their be never a conviction, never a problem, it is a genuine accomplishment to lay down the law and enforce order. It sets a proper example of common moral standards, which I believe that everyone of us should follow. That of Righteousness, Courage, Benevolence, Respect, Sincerity, Honour, Loyalty, and Self-Control. You should aim to be a Righteous person, who has the courage to stand up and do what others will not do. You should show Benevolence(Kindness) to others, as well as yourself. Respect all, everyone and everything. Be sincere in all of your actions. Hold yourself fast to your Honour. Be loyal to your friends, family, your unit, and the Brotherhood. Employ Self-Control, control yourelf, so that you may shape yourself to who you desire to be, and make yourself ultimately a better person.

As a sidenote, the above are tenets of the code of Bushido, the code of the Samurai of ancient Japan. A fine standard indeed.

Nice Report Artorias!

Wooo, go Arto!!

Good job

good job

Also, the Bushidō is still used in traditional families and most dojos worth their weight in salt.


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