Battleteam Wardens Report: Hooked on a Feeling


Battleteam Wardens Report: Hooked on a Feeling

Wardens News:


Wardens News:

The Exodus Celebration and the Star Wars celebration have ended. I don't believe that anyone got seriously injured or maimed, just a little intoxicated; but hey that's what celebrations are for, right?

Star Wars News:

With all of the news that we've been getting from the Star Wars celebration, I'm still sifting through it myself. You can find all of the posts about it here.

Competitions Everyone Should Do:


DJK Bobecc Varga
  • 1 Cluster of Fire for PvP.
  • Promotion to DJK.
JH Seyda Norith
  • Promotion to Jedi hunter
GRD Kyber
  • Is hosting the amazing Bogan, Moon of Terror competition!


  • So much Star Wars news.
  • Some promotions.
  • Lots of good competitions.
  • Good work guys!!!

Bonus cool points if you attach a YouTube Video of yourself singing Hooked on a Feeling to your next report!

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