BTL Report #1 | Aylin's new position


BTL Report #1 | Aylin's new position

Aylin's new position

Hello all, welcome to my very first report in what seems like ages. Don't have fancy banners yet, but that will change soon enough. For now you get the boring layout ;)

It was early in the morning.Between snores, Aylin shifted and with her a dozen haphazard droid parts scattered around her. She could have slept for hours longer if it weren't for the pneumatic shaft digging in her ribs. She groaned and threw the thing away. Squirming slightly she made herself comfortable again and dozed off.

Suddenly the door opened. Jorm stood there as a big silhouette, light flooding into the darkened room from behind him.

“On your feet, miss Giggles!” Jorm voice boomed into the room, “You are requested in comm room. Five minutes ago!”

Aylin startled awake, hitting her head against her desk light and groaning loudly in pain, “What is happening!?”

“No questions, get moving!” With that, Jorm disappeared out the door.

Grunting, Aylin rubbed her head and got up, “What the hell is he up to this time?”

Walking out of her room and glanced both ways before continuing on towards the comm’s room. The closer she got to the room the more noise could be heard. Rough laughter a sound somewhere between a rancor's roar and a dewback's moan filled her ears. She almost wanted to turn back. Bale was laughing at one of his stories again. When she reached the door there was a note stuck on it.

** Congrats on your new position, it’s now your task to keep them in check. At the bottom it was signed with a joker face.**

She read it once, twice, three times and would have read it a fourth if it wasn't for the comm buzzing in her datapad.

Jorm’s face got into view. “Ah, I see you read the note! Good luck, Battle Team Leader miss Giggles,” Jorm said in his jovial crazy voice. Before the connection got cut she heard engines screaming and disappear.

The door opened before her and Cali was standing in front of her. Looking her over she saw she looked kinda pale, if that was possible for her kind.

“Are you alright, Aylin?” Cali asked as Bale and the others joined up behind her.

Nodding slowly Aylin let out a mumble, “I’m Battleteam leader…”

Yup, there you have it, I became BTL. I'm looking forward to it and I'm sure I will do fine because I have some awesome people in my team.

Running comps:

Clan Wide:

*[CSP] Wordsearch #1 - Caperion - Ends on 9/30
*ISI:Infitration - Ends on 10/10
*ISI:ISI: Identity Mark - Ends on 10/10
*ISI: Rebel Base - Ends on 10/10
*ISI: Accessing a Database - Ends on 10/10


*September Trivia #3 - Ends on 9/21
*Bageled! - Ends on 9/22
*“Join Me And Together We Shall Rule The Galaxy...” - Ends on 9/22
*[FIST] 2018 Monthly Gaming Challenge - September - Ends on 9/30
*[ACC] Operation: Tempered Iron - Ends on 9/30
*[FIST] Destiny 2: Last Wish Club First - Ends on 10/20

You can see the complete list on competition page

Wipes brow Phew. Well, that’s it for my first report.

Aylin Sajark

Huzzah for Btl Miss Giggles!!!!

Love it! Congrats Aylin!! ^.^

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