Chaos Is A Ladder - Deputy Grand Master Report


Chaos Is A Ladder - Deputy Grand Master Report

Chaos Is A Ladder - Deputy Grand Master Report

"Common sense is the most fairly distributed thing in the world, for each one thinks he is so well-endowed with it that even those who are hardest to satisfy in all other matters are not in the habit of desiring more of it than they already have." - Rene Descartes

In This Report:

  • Plagueis - A New Consul Rises

  • Internal Reviews

  • Seals Awarded: Dark Crusade + Fading Light Round One

  • Fading Light Timeline - Update

  • Great Jedi War XI Timeline - Update

  • Ships, You Say?

  • DGM Writing Competitions - Black Series

  • Never Volunteer for Anything

Plagueis - A New Consul Rises

Vivackus Kavon, Consul, Clan Plagueis

Since Muz and I stole Aabs for Master-at-Arms the position of Consul of Clan Plagueis was once again left open. We received several solid applications and the man we believe best suited to take Plagueis forward is Vivackus Kavon. Vivackus is no stranger to the Clan, is a di Plagia, and is on a mission to see Plagueis continue its recent success.

If you're in Plagueis, please lend him all your support. If you're not in Plagueis, please wish him well as a lot of us here feel he's going to do great things.

Internal Reviews

Muzenstein put out the call for the dreaded [echo]Internal Reviews[/echo]. No big deal. Just let us know how you're doing, how you're membership is doing, etc. Talk to us and let us know what we can help with and anything else you'd like to discuss.

I've already responded to those of you who have submitted so far. Muz has some more detailed and hopefully "live" feedback for you all, but as you send them in I will respond via email.

Don't hesitate to contact me regardless of IR's, no IR's, whatever. Let me know if I can help with something.

Seals Awarded: Dark Crusade + Fading Light Round One

Thanks to my partner, the Flying Dutchman (aka, James), we have awarded Seals for The Dark Crusade and the first round of Fading Light.

If you have any errors, please let James and me know and we'll get you fixed up straight away.

Fading Light Timeline - Update

My sources in the Voice's office tell me the ACC Tournament should conclude in the next several weeks. What we're planning is to start the final round of Fading Light shortly after the ACC Tournament completes. The final round is the one I previewed here. We'll do roughly a month break following Fading Light's end before moving on to GJW XI.

Great Jedi War XI Timeline - Update

Due to the length of the ACC Tournament stretching out Fading Light, we're planning to run GJW XI sometime between October and November prior to the holidays. Like I've mentioned before: short and sweet. Three weeks, light, fun, some good story, opportunity for character development, and then I'm shutting the Vendetta machine down for the near future. You're tired. We're tired. I'm with you.

Following GJW XI we want you guys to really dig into developing your units; fiction, characters, members, etc., so that will be our focus moving forward as well as getting ready for the new films.

Ships, You Say?

My good friend at the MAA's office mentioned some possible rewards for a competition he'll be running. Just to clear up any confusion, we won't be giving away any ships, fighters, Fleet Points, etc., for non-Vendetta level events.

I totally get wanting something "more" than the usual baubles for regular competitions. So Aabs and I are going to get together and come up with a cool (hopefully) reward for his competition. Stay tuned.

DGM Writing Competitions - Black Series

Was having a conversation with a member the other day about writing. We got to talking and decided to run some nice little writing competitions out of this office to give members more to get involved with. Look for this in the near-future.

Never Volunteer for Anything

Thanks to the lot of you that volunteered to help me out with some things. I asked Sanarai to lend me a hand with some wiki work. I'm looking forward to what she comes up with.

For the rest of you that reached out to me and offered your help: thank you. I've filed your names and interest and will be putting out more calls like this for members to get involved, build the club, and earn some decent rewards.

If you have a project in mind you think could benefit the club, shoot me an email. If it's something we need, we'll give it a look and see what happens.

Shadow Hand Resources

Things you might find useful that sometimes get lost in the shuffle of reports.

Fading Light - Guideline Document

Dark Brotherhood Comic Book Archive

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Armed Forces Worksheet (MTOE)

Recent News Posts

Hit me up if there's something you need. People do this frequently and I'm usually able to help out fairly quickly. Email is the best way to reach me. I travel. A lot. I'm not often on IRC due to network issues in the places I work, but where and when I can I hop on.

Currently, IRC is working intermittently (still!) at best where I'm located, so rather than connect and disconnect 25,000 times a day, I've only been checking in once in a while. In case of emergency (not sure what the hell that would be) get a hold of any Dark Councilor as they have my phone number (scary, right?) and can text me.

Coming Soon...

  • Fading Light, Begeren Results! Eventually!
  • Potential Rage-Quit? (I'm Due)
  • DGM-Brand Writing Comps

The Dark Jedi Brotherhood - Believe Your Legend™

See you out there,


Congratulations Viv! Do Plag proud!

Congrats Viv! This is a LONG time coming!

If the GJW is in October/November does that mean we get the final round of Fading Lights this month or next?

Congratulations, Viv!

Congratulations, Viv. Good luck.

Looking forward to working with you, Viv :)

@ Malik - sounds like the final FL round will start a week or so after the ACC tournament ends, which should hopefully be within...three weeks. So I'd put bets on early September.

But the ACC tournament could go on for another month and a half at least.


Matt has told me they need a few weeks to complete the ACC tournament. He actually gave me a number in days, but I chose to be cautious just in case and build in a little more time. So, several weeks is not a month and a half. Several weeks is like three weeks give or take. I try to update you the best I can with what I'm given, but it's no train schedule.

Should that timeline slip to the right and they do need more time? Then I guess we'll adjust accordingly and fit the GJW in when and where we can. It'll all work out.

When I say a month and a half I go by the worst case scenario, which would be 13-15 days per round for three rounds (12 days for posting, 1-3 days for setting Things up and grading). That's why I was asking.

Understood. No problem.

congrats new boss Viv.

The Chiss approves. :)

Viv, i remember when i was a different char. in plaguis and i was your BTL. Congrats buddy keep your head lol.

Congrats Consul Viv! And Whoo-hoo!! I'm all for change, rotaring and mystery.

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