Clan Arcona #Update: New Kid On the Block


Clan Arcona #Update: New Kid On the Block


(Thank you, Kiwi, for the new banner! <33)

House Qel-Droma: Aedile

After careful consideration and looking over the applications we received, Valtiere, Legorii, and I all agree that the best applicant and right person for the job is Alaris Jinn!

For those of you that don't know him, Alaris is the former Right Hand of Justice--and he was so good at it that they amended the Dark Covenent to allow his term to be extended. Beyond that, Alaris has held almost every Clan leadership position from Battleteam Leader up, and has a wealth of brotherhood experience.

Legorii and I firmly believe that his experience, paired with Valt's knowledge and passion for Arcona and House Qel-Droma will create one of the best leadership duo's in the club and pave the way forward.

So, please join me in welcoming Alaris to Arcona!

Clan Ambassador

In just as much time as it took him to step back into activity, Kyo (formerl Azasell, or Azzy) has volunteered his time to step forward and help me with setting up Arcona's twitters and social media presence. As the new Ambassador, Kyo will also work directly under me in terms of learning about the different types of public relations that go into maintaining good working relationships between other units.

Like many things we try, this position is an experiment of sorts and we will be constantly evaluating and reevaluating what works and what doesn't work as we continue to move forward.

Caption the Doge #1, #2: Results

For Doge #1 we saw Legorii steal 1st place, Verse claim 2nd place, and Kanis with a 3rd place.

For Doge #2 we saw Mirus take 1st place, Ferrin 2nd, and Yacks sneaking in a 3rd place.

Crescents for all! And what do we know about Crescents?

"Bitches love crescents" - Legorii

Fading Light

Don't worry. It is still coming (self-phrasing). Continue to keep an eye on the mainpage for updates, and keep working on making sure you and your friends are qualified and ready to go for the ACC!

For more info, check the previous Clan Update

Wrap Up

That's all for now. Next person to complain that we don't do enough reports get's thrown in the box.

(If anyone get's that reference, you are my new favorite.)

Cool banner. Great work Kiwi

Congrats Alaris, welcome aboard. And welcome back Kyo, looking forward to seeing you ambass on our behalf.

Should be Spinelli in there lol Great report :)

Welcome, Alaris, and good luck Kyo!

Congrats Alaris and Kyo

bitches do love crescents. <3

Also that looks so good in actual use.

Taranae wins the prize.

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