Clan Plagueis Consul/Proconsul Report: No Rest for the Wicked


Clan Plagueis Consul/Proconsul Report: No Rest for the Wicked


Brotherhood News

COJ Cases

This won't be a huge harangue as you've all been JSTifiably lectured by Jac over this, however…

Plagueis has a lot of gamers. Don't cheat. Just don't. If something seems like it's a ridiculous easy way of earning awards through gaming than what you're used to: it probably is. Ask if you aren't sure. Plagueis is filled with gamers on it's summit including Teylas, Selika, Callus and Furios, who is a Magistrate to the FIST, and could answer 99% of your questions. That's why the summit exists: to better facilitate your questions and get answers for you.

Also, as an aside, there have been complaints from members within Plagueis of the type of speak that's been going on in Teamspeak from other Plagueis members. Please know that we are aware, and are monitoring in conjunction with Furios in his capacity as M:FIST.

Don't cheat.

Grand Master Report

Pravus just released his newest report, and if you haven’t read it, it’s got a lot of good important information about the Possession system, administrative data on the DJB, Orders and Paths, and more!

Clan News

Leadership Changes

As many have already noticed when they got a nice e-mail dropped into their inbox: things have changed! More specifically though staff has changed. In late February Kz'set stepped down as Proconsul of Clan Plagueis, which was immediately filled by Teylas Ramar. However, that left a gap in one of the quaestor positions within the clan. After taking applications for a short period, and receiving some really good applications, it was finally decided to give the position to Selika Roh (Slagar). Slagar is no stranger to Plagueis, and it isn't really a stretch to say that a lot of the success that Plagueis has had over the past year+, including winning the Dark Crusade, was in large part because of him, his activity on a personal level, and his drive to motivate others.

With so many changes in the summit already, we took the time to re-evaluate the leadership of Plagueis as a whole as well as different conversations that had been going on at the time. As such, two of the strongest runner up applications for Quaestor were chosen as the two new Battleteam Leaders: Dracaryis, who will be leading the Apostles of Syn in House Karness Muur, and Qormus Aquila who will be leading the Disciples of Dreypa in House Ajunta Pall. They will be working very closely with both their respective Journeymen, and Dralin as Rollmaster to ensure that people are coming into Plagueis, finding their own little niche in our Star Wars universe, and having fun along the way.

New report structure

As you may have noticed, the title of this report is not Consul Report, it’s Consul/Proconsul Report. This is because after a large amount of discussion among the Summit and it reflects the new paradigm for reporting that we will be implementing (and other such corporate buzzwords). Basically what this means is that we don’t think there’s a big need for both Teylas and I to be putting out individual reports each month. Either we’d be just repeating each other, or there just wouldn’t be a lot of information for us to cover. The same is true of the Quaestors and Aediles in the individual houses.

So our new structure will go like this: Clan Plagueis will have one report a month from the Consul/Proconsul, one for each House, and one from the RM and BTLs that focus on the Journeymen. Teylas and I will be alternating between actually delivering the report (and the same goes for Slags/Furios and Callus/Taranae). We decided that this system would provide the maximum coverage to the various topics, still give everyone to talk about, and not have too much overlap in the content that we’d be delivering.

Clan Shuffle

Something that has been talked about for a long time now in Plagueis has been doing something about the unbalance between the two houses. Needless to say, when at some points over the past few months one house has outnumbered the other 2:1, there was an issue. However, given that we were thrust from one DJB-wide event to the other, it was generally frowned upon within the summit to shake up the houses mid way through. Now, we can.

With the end of the Great Jedi War, Plagueis has been given the opportunity to smooth out the differentiation between the houses a lot better. Upon ascension to proconsul, Teylas' first project he wanted to tackle was to do exactly that. It made sense with all the staff changes coming at the same time. Indeed, we did shake up the clan from top to bottom. Many factors were taken into consideration, but the roster was updated a few days ago to reflect a few people changing their positions from one house (or battleteam) to the other. Before the change Ajunta Pall had almost 10 more members than Karness Muur, and now they're sitting at almost dead even (21 vs. 20).

As of now, in accordance with our long-standing policy in Plagueis, after the roster clean up everyone should be in either house with the only exceptions being the consul, proconsul, and rollmaster.

What’s happening with Plagueis now that the GJW is over?

Excellent question. You get a cookie.

We’ve been planning something a little bit different for the next few months. The prevailing feeling is that we don’t want to have another huge event right off the back of the GJW, but we do have some fictional loose ends that need tying up. The general idea is that over the next few months, we’ll be having an event that gives opportunities for activity and lets members impact the overall fictional trajectory of Plaugeis post-GJW.


There’s been some hype lately for a new program called Telegram. Basically, it’s a mobile messaging program, like Whatsapp, but without the downside of having to publicly display your phone number to everyone you’re involved in chats with. You can go to and check it out. There is also a web-based client for those of you still living in the dark ages without a smartphone.

We’ve got a group for Plagueis, and there is a group for the DJB as a whole. It’s just a different form of communication, and a different way for people to connect. Our primary forms of contact will still continue to be email and IRC, but if this sounds interesting to you, download the app and message @teylasramar or @vivackus and we’ll add you to the Plagueis group chat.

Awards/member recognition

And we’ve had a number of Journeyman promotions that will fall under Dralin’s report.

That’s all we’ve got for you for now,

In your service

-Viv... and Teylas


Good report, Viv.

The fact that I see the magical word "Cheating" in nearly every report, going back even a couple of years shows me we have a slight issue.

not really an issue, just a reminder that everyone needs to play fairly and legit. good report boss

Nice report, Viv! Boo to all cheats!

Nice report, Viv.

Excuse me, but "paradigm" is a Mage: The Ascension buzzword, thank you very much!

It's actually a word we invented for this report.

Congratulations to Plagueis' two new DJKs!

NICE and well done guys new djk

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