Clan Plagueis Consul Report: The Winds They Are A Changin'


Clan Plagueis Consul Report: The Winds They Are A Changin'


Lots of stuff this month. This one's gonna be a big one.

Great Jedi War

The Great Jedi War is now over. I've said it already, and I'll say it again. We came in 4th, and on its face, that doesn't look that great, but once you dig down into it, you guys performed amazingly. Our new Rollmaster, Dralin gained the title of Third Hero, which is a pretty awesome feat. Our strength continues to be our teamwork. Most of our point totals came from team events (only Arcona beat us in points in Round 3). Additionally, we put up huge numbers in the participation totals. Plagueis had the third highest number of total submissions to events (despite our very average unit size). We also had by far the highest number of submissions per participant. On average, Plagueis members who participated at all, participated in 7 of the 11 events.

Member Recognition

Plagueis members have been on fire lately. This list isn't comprehensive, just some highlights.

  • Kz'set = di Plagia
  • Kz'set and Teylas = EQ3
  • Brimstone = EQ2
  • Furios = SB

  • Taranae = GCoDS

  • Callus = Steel Cross

  • Dralin = Anteian Cross

  • Ra'gnar = Anteian Cross

  • Octavia = Anteian Cross

  • Dracaryis = Anteian Cross

In addition, we've had some journeymen who have been absolutely tearing up the Shadow Academy (and as a result, my inbox). Kelly Mendes, Kryy Vitaan, Vanesse Rhode. Dracaryis, Doku Rivendare, and Svere have collectively completed something like 200 SA courses and degrees over the past month or so. It's easy to overlook the SA once you've been in the DJB for a little while, but in reality, it's a vital part of what makes this club work. Especially for Journeymen, the SA is the best way to quickly get up to speed on whatever you need to know for just about every relevant aspect of Star Wars or DJB life. I know I personally still go back to the SA courses for things like IRC tips.

Brotherhood News

  • GM Muz ->Pravus
  • DGM Pravus ->Mav
  • Voice Mav->Shad
  • JST Taig -> Jac (puns jst getting out of hand)
  • Muz gets 2nd GLS
  • Yacks gets Dark Prophet

All independent units are clans now. Clans can now have a variable number of houses and battleteams to allow for flexibility in leadership position needs. M:DGM is now open for applications. 2 M:MAA spots open for applications.

Other Clan News

  • CNS CON = Locke, PCON = Cethgus
  • ARC CON = Atty
  • TAR CON open for applications
  • COU CON = A'lora

It's an exciting time. I'm looking forward to working with all the new leaders. Selfishly, I find myself as the 3rd most senior Clan leader now. Just need to find a way to get rid of Xen and Rian.

Fictional things

Pravus is working on Clan alignments. From the sound of it, we will be able to explicitly define our units as Light, Grey, or Dark, so new random joins can better self-sort into a fictional environment that suits them. Members will soon be able to play as an enlisted or soldier. We're letting muggles in. GJW ended. See fiction updates. Turns out it was all a trick! Viv is sort of dead and the rest of the summit is arguing about who gets his stuff. Feel free to throw your hat in the ring in the comments.

Plagueis on the Horizon

Callus is running a Runon. It looks fun. You should sign up. The GJW resolution had some big effects for Plagueis. We're working on what that means for us as a unit going forward. More on that soon.

All in all, I'm really happy with where we're at as a Clan right now. I think we hit a stride at the right time for the GJW. Now, it's the job of the Summit to ensure that we keep that up.

Lots of info for all of you. Until next time.

In your service



Nice report, Viv. I really like your concise style. ;) Glad to be working with you.

Cheers, Plagueis!

Nice report, Viv, well worded indeed. Keep at it Journeymen - you're doing us proud :) Congratulations to all who received shinies and/or promotions. That's what I like to see!

JST make sure there are no puns in this comment section or Viv with JST stabberate you :_

And don't forget Misium got a battle field to eq1 just 4 months from joining DJB

Come at me Bro!

Joking aside great report. :D

Good report, Viv. It JST melts my heart.

Great report.

Great report! I love the flood of awards and promotions. Here's to many more such reports! =D

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