Clan Plagueis Proconsul Report #3


Clan Plagueis Proconsul Report #3


Introduction and News

Third time's the charm!

The past month has been relatively quiet on the summit, with Monty off searching for buried treasure in a desert, Aabs drunk on teh RM powah, and me unpacking box after box after box after box...

Anyway, it was a good month. Some shinies were handed out (two DCs for Meleu!), my inbox was flooded with CFs and crescents, and several of our journeymen earned promotions (yay Kul!). Congratulations, again, to our many Seal of Loyalty recipients: Tar, Selika, Teylas, Brim, Kz'set, Aabs, and Monty!

And then a mere two days after my last report, Selika was promoted to Krath Epis and there was much rejoicing! Also, I am told that Furios is a badass (but the source may be unreliable.)

Merit Medal Roundup!
SCs for Callus, Kz'set, Teylas, and Art.
AC for Brim.
DCs for Meleu, Marduss, Furios, Fam, and Tar.

Finally, our House summits have been working with their members to update wiki pages and have put a few comps together to tide everyone over until ---

Fading Light (on the horizon?)

You've heard a lot about it. I keep sending those friendly, thoughtful reminders to become ACC qualified in preparation for Round 2 of Fading Light. You've also been told that it would possibly, maybe, start today. Well, it doesn't. :P

This is good news! It means more time for people to become ACC qualified! Doing the two ACC exams will only take you slightly longer than reading this report a few times, which you should all do because I hide secret messages in my reports.

As I said in my last email on this topic, the more Plagueians who are ACC qualified at the beginning of the Round and subscribe to / compete in the event, the more fleet points we will be able to earn for investing in our shiny new fleet. This is an event where every ounce of participation really does matter -- just recall that we won the Dark Crusade because of our outlandishly awesome participation.

Hopefully word on the actual start date for Fading Light Round 2 will be forthcoming soon, so stay tuned (and do the ACC thing for love (hate?) of Plagueis!)


All of the unfortunately-coincidental Clan summit absences appear to be behind us, just in time for the Clan to focus on Fading Light and the looming Great Jedi War that is sure to kill off yet another Dark Councilor. We're going to have plenty of opportunities to show the rest of the Brotherhood that we're not a one hit wonder.

Monty's back, so I'll leave his slogan to him. :P


SWL Dacien Victae di Plagia (Sith) / PCON / Clan Plagueis [GMRG: II][SA: IV] [ACC: Q]
AK / SBx2 / SC-SoF / AC-ToDS / DC-BP / GN / SN / Cr:1S-2E-1Q / PoB / CF-GF / SI-BL / SoL-BE / S:1D-3Dk-3P-1B


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