Clan Report #052521


Clan Report #052521



First off, hello!

After taking some time to clean out all the stacks of empty sushi containers laying around the office and throwing out all the poof chairs with backrests, I’ve finally been able to kick my feet up long enough to write this little blurb of a report, announce the Pcon appointment and introduce myself as well. I'm proud to have been given the chance to lead you through this exciting time. Now, I could drone on and on about how the community of Odan-Urr is important to me, how I’d like you all to get out of this Clan everything you’ve come here for or about a few of the great initiatives the Summit has planned that will keep you all from sending assassins after us, but you don't want to hear all that. You want the good stuff. I will get right to the point because it's...


That’s rite everyone, it’s that time again to put your game face on and step out into the ring. This is an “ALL HANDS ON DECK” event! Up for grabs are some high value goodies, the title of Hero for the top three scorers, the chance to be written into official DB Lore and a special item for the three Clans with the most participation! Unlike a Great Jedi War where placement is key, for a RoS, participation is what will secure you a win. That means it’s important to get out and do every competition you can. Now, due to things still being a bit hectic in the world, they’ve made a few changes compared to past years that will encourage participation, such as:

  • A few less Bins
  • Alternatives or lowered requirements
  • Each Phase will include 3 weekends

Another element this year that will be different than those past, will be the incorporation of four factions. In order to participate, you MUST pledge to a faction. If you head over to the Faction Pledge Page, you’ll be able to read up on their descriptions and make your pledge. Additionally, you’ll be provided a link to your faction’s Telegram channel and get to talk to people also within those factions that you wouldn’t normally, by just sticking to Clan channels.

Pro Tip: Don’t just pick the faction that everyone else goes to. Instead, maximize your chances of winning by picking one of the smaller factions, as they are going to award the top 10 scorers IN EACH FACTION with a very high priced item you can either keep or sell in the store to gain some major credits. You and your clanmates have the chance to take home wins in all the factions!

Also, also, if you have Hearthstone and/or Jedi Academy and would like to sign up to participate in the competition bracket, fill out the Rite of Supremacy Bracket Sign Up form. Signups close May 28th, so if you’re into PvP gaming, be sure to sign up before the deadline.

Finally, myself, along with other members of the Summit will be making our rounds to get your feedback, perspectives and to answer any questions you have about the RoS. Masters too will be keeping an eye on their students to help guide them. Overall, chat with each other, encourage each other and help each other out. Teamwork is key to these big events. You all have the power to get us the gold!


Proconsul Chosen!

After pouring through many great applications filled to the brim with new ideas and fresh takes, Turel Sorenn had been appointed as the new Pcon of Odan-Urr! I think he will do a fantastic job helping motivate us through the RoS and into the future. Thank you all who applied. You’ve been added to my list of potential leaders, and through your continued dedication , you'll be given the chance to lead the finest group in the Club!


Pcon Corner

Greetings Odanites and onlookers elsewhere! I am deeply honored to be selected to serve on the summit team for such a dynamic and talented group of members.

I may be familiar to some or “that guy who posts tiger stickers too much” to others so a (re)introduction is in order. I started in House Odan-Urr back in the day and started my DB career as the Knights of Allusis BTL. My journey has taken me to places like Arcona and Vizsla where I got to work with and learn from some amazing members but Odan-Urr always calls me home.

This is my second term as COU PCON and while my past experience has honed my wisdom (I hope) today we face unique challenges that also come with unique opportunities. I’m excited for what the future holds for COU and the ideas the summit team has already starting working that you will hear more about in the very near future.

My goals are: 1) to develop the Clan to provide the best experience possible to every member from the newest join to the most “seasoned” on the roster and 2) to foster a new generation of leaders who will in time tell me “you’re in my seat old man” :P

I look forward to getting to know or reconnecting with all of you in the coming months. COU’s best days are still ahead of us, I firmly believe that.

~Turel Sorenn


Lest We Forget

Aura, on behalf of the membership, I'd like to thank you for all that you've given us and for leading us these past couple years. You've worked yourself to the bone to put us where we are now, promoted our ideals and given us a community we could feel excepted in. We hope you can relax in your retirement, though not too much we have a RoS to win, but just enough to get back into what it means to be a regular member of this Clan. The Summit won't be the same without you.


Competition Highlights

For the full list check out here

Brought to you by your Clanmates


In Closing

We’ll be reaching out again in our full sized Clan report due out on the 5th. Any questions, reach out to us directly or by using #AskRevakTurel. We’ll also be answering the most common questions you have in this next report and subsequent reports until the conclusion of the event. Until then, have fun with the RoS and have each other’s backs.


{Cool Signature Coming}

Revak Kur
Consul, Odan-Urr

Congratulations Turel!!

Yes, good

An excellent start. Thank you for the report on all that's going on and the new changes.

Turel is COU PCON... what year is it? Am I still Headmaster?


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