Clan Scholae Palatinae Rollmaster Report 2 – The Feud is Over, New Competitions, New History


Clan Scholae Palatinae Rollmaster Report 2 – The Feud is Over, New Competitions, New History


Her new office was preferable to the one in the mountains of Ohmen. Elincia’s eyes wandered to the window, taking in the flora and fauna of the Judeccan jungle that had been overrun by monstrous creatures mere months before. Far from the capital city of the Empire, the renovations on the Forgotten Temple had been complete; a contrast of old and new. The ancient stone brick architecture remained. On the outside, the Forgotten Temple looked just that, a forgotten ruin that had seen better days millennia past.

Only the Emperor and his close advisors knew what lay within – a top secret research facility operated by System Moff, Dr. Elincia Rei. Offices, lounges and meeting spaces above ground, and built into the labyrinths that lay below, the labs: developing bioweapons, conventional explosives, battlefield tech, performing research experiments that the Empire could not be associated with, supercomputers worth the price of an army were as well suited to computation as they were to analysing intelligence report. A team of the brightest and best scientists and mathematicians supported her.

From here, Elincia could perform her dual role as the Empire’s lead scientist and System Moff. “G14?” She questioned the walls.

“Dr. Rei?” The AI was always listening.

“Scan every social holonet media channel for all instances of the string ‘Vanis’. I want a list of everyone in Cocytus who may still support his cause…”


Biggest news in the clan is of course the clan feud. WE ARE AT WAR! NEVER FORGET THAT! Massive congratulations to Blade, Delak, and Lexiconus for their placing, to Imperium for coming out victorious, but most importantly to everyone that took part in this event.

In other news, we have begun to renovate the wiki, which is a joint project between the clan summit and Dek Rott. Expect to see changes to the clan wiki articles soon! is one of the first finished articles on this project

New Competitions

BATTLEPLAN TRAINING EVENT – THE BATTLE ON TAKODANA We’re aware that the Battle Plan competition type is intimidating to some, so we’re hosting an easy series of competitions to help everyone become more comfortable with writing them. You will play the role of a First Order Tactician, planning The Battle on Takodana.

I’ve split this into three sections to help break down the battleplan event. Firstly, the outline, which is where you write about the situation, which forces you have, what you’re fighting against, what the objectives are. Other competitions will follow:

MONTHLY TOPICS – I DEMAND A TRIAL BY COMBAT Accused of a crime that you did not (or did) commit, your only way to prove your loyalty and worth to the Empire is in a public trial by combat. This is not a one player ACC match. The story behind the duel is much more important than the duel itself. Fiction: Graphics:

Arts For Hearts

This is a personal charity project but one I’d like to abuse the publicity of my report to advertise. I’m taking art requests for 3D images of female db characters in return for a £5 (or equivalent) donation to the British Heart Foundation . As I’m kind of limited to the resources I have in my 3D library, anything too specific might be difficult, but let me know if you’re interested. Example of my work here:

Ask The Eli

Cyris - Where does Elincia operate from? What is a general day like for her?

See report fiction :P

Jorm - With the rising prominence of Togruta in the Clan and the DJB as a whole, will Doc Rei finally pick up the language, and what skill has to suffer under that decision?

It's a good question. Zehsaa does provide a genuine threat to Eli's security, but as she is hiding away in a top secret lab right now, it's not something that concerns her

Alara - Were you always so punctual with time and effort, or is that something you grew up into?

I wanted to write this report last night and send out this report this morning, but I had to write it this afternoon because I spent all of last night playing Minecraft. Does that answer your question? :P

A piece of talking sushi: Do you like bacon?


Sweet report and fiction, Moff-man!

Nice report, and I will find you eventually ;)

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