CNS/CSP Co-op Event: Red Fury Results


CNS/CSP Co-op Event: Red Fury Results

Red Fury

Red Fury Base Atlas Moon

Macron tucked the gem into a pocket on his armor as two Warhost soldiers set up a portable holo-projector nearby. The Warlord turned to it as the image of Locke Sonjie appeared, pale static against the tarnished durasteel backdrop of the pirate's hangar.

"Usurper," Macron said.

"I assume the battle went well," Locke answered. "And it looks like you did not kill any of our...friends."

"Ha," Macron said. "They fought well for followers of Palpatine."

"Good, prepare to extract in the hour..."

Macron chuckled. "I doubt that will happen. Some are...busy."

Storage Room Red Fury Base

"This is the real prize," Robert Sadow said, gesturing at a cracked open case, bottles of something spilling out of it. "Dead pirates are good, but this, this is better!"

One of the soldiers standing on the other side of the crate scratched his head and gave the other a quizzical look.

"Well, don't just stand there! Get some of your friends to help load this up. We're not leaving it here!"

Confused, the soldiers gave the order, stepping back as Bob used his lightsaber to open another crate nearby. Victory was theirs, but the Clan would just have to wait a little while to leave.

Crashed YT-1300 Freighter Outside the Base

Delak Krennel looked around, noting with some disatisfaction that the ship had been heavily damaged when it crashed, and would probably not fly again. Behind him, a member of the Imperial Guard saluted. Delak turned and answered the salute, barely looking at the man.

"The Emperor wishes to speak with you, Sir. Immediately." The soldier held a portable holoprojector up, the image of Xen'Mordin's masked face popping up above it.

"My lord," Delak said, nodding his head.

"You have done well here today, " Xen's image said. "I trust that the Sadowans did not cause you too many problems."

"They're rough around the edges, a bit lax in discipline, but they can fight, " Delak answered. "No one tried to stab me in the back."

"Good," Xen answered, nodding.

System A1-X3 Outer Rim Orbit, Atlas Moon**

Nodding to Macron, Locke cut the communication feed. He had been a soldier all his life, but one thing he had never had to deal with was commanding a murderous death machine that seemed motivated solely by his ability to inebriate himself after battle. That would be something new to learn to work with.

A bridge officer broke through his musings. "Sir, communication from the Palatinaean Star Destroyer."

Locke waved his hand. "Receive it."

Xen'Mordin's masked image materialized over the bridge's main holoprojector. It still irked Locke that he could not see the other Consul's expressions behind that mask, yet he recognized its usefulness.

"Xen," Locke said.

The other Consul ignored the break in formality. "It seems our mission is complete."

"Yes," Locke agreed, "and no tricks to speak of. We worked well together."

"No tricks this time, "Xen said with emphasis. "We will consider future endeavors. Until then, we will analyze the data from the pirate's computer core and see if there is any more to this threat."

"As will we, " Locke said. "Let us know if you find anything?"

Xen's image winked out without an answer.

"Well, perhaps that was a bit much to expect from a first outing," Locke mumbled.

"Will we actually work with them in the future?" Evant asked, as he and Xen watched reports scroll across the screens of their command ship's bridge.

"That just depends," Xen answered. "They may be useful in the future."

Hello weary pirate killers of Scholae Palatinae and Naga Sadow! The Red Fury are broken and now it is time to reap the spoils. Here are the results.

Two Roads to Glory:
1st - Anima
2nd - Mayda Ferium
3rd - Calindra Hejaran
4th - Galleros Sjl
5th - Xantros

That Which Hides in the Darkness:
1st - Anima
2nd - Mayda Ferium
3rd - Robert Sadow
4th - Xantros
5th - Zagro Fenn

For the Prize:
1st - Robert Sadow
2nd - Mayda Ferium
3rd - Xantros
4th - Anima
5th - Galleros Sjl

To the Pain!:
1st - Athrun Zala
2nd - Ulfsark
3rd - Landon Cruise
4th - Kell Palpatine Dante
5th - Galleros Sjl

That’s no moon - oh wait… yes it is!:
1st - Chrome
2nd - Delak Krennal
3rd - Marcus Kiriyu
4th - Robert Shadow
5th - Mayda Ferium

The Tides of War:
1st - Macron Goura Sadow
2nd - Robert Sadow
3rd - Delak Krennel
4th - Bentre Stahoes
5th - Galleros Sjl

It’s all in good fun:
1st - Mayda Ferium
2nd - Robert Sadow
3rd - Galleros Sjl
4th - Anima
5th - Delak Krennel

You blank-faced blank!:
1st - Mayda Ferium
2nd - Robert Sadow
3rd - Krataa
4th - Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar
5th - Eetherbiail

What’s in a name?:
1st - Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar
2nd - Athrun Zala
3rd - Anima
4th - Muz Ashen
5th - Armad

Crack the Code:
1st - Anima
2nd - Delak Krennal
3rd - Mayda Ferium
4th - Elincia Rei
5th - Chrome

CSP Trivia:
1st - Darth Vexatus
2nd - Mayda Ferium

CNS Trivia:
1st - Darth Vexatus
2nd - Robert Sadow

And here are the overall winners of this co-op event!

Red Fury Victors
1st - Mayda Ferium with 335 points
2nd- Anima with 305 points
3rd - Robert Sadow with 280 points
4th - Landon Cruise with 195 points
5th - Galleros Sjl with 185 points
6th - Xantros with 150 points (and 8 competitions participated in)
7th - Delak Krennel with 150 points (and 6 competitions participated in)
8th - Athrun Zala with 125 points
9th - Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar with 115 points
10th - Zagro Fenn with 110 points

Here are some stats for those of you who like them:

Submission Totals
Submission Amounts
Most Submitted to Competition: Mad Libs (25)
Least Submitted to Competition: For the Prize! (8)
Words of Fiction Written: 40238
Pirates Killed: Many
Fun Had: All the Fun

On behalf of both the CNS and CSP Summits I would like to thank all the participants for their amazing efforts here. Great work from everyone!

Was good fun. I'd give it another go any time. Glad I chose to publish my winning entries, ha ha!

Congrats to all winners.

Great job CNS had fun with the joint runon :)

Great job everyone, I had a lot of fun and I certainly know many others did too! It is nice to finally see my name on a leaderboard!

Good work everybody. Lots of fun. Here's to many more fun times to be had!

Great job everyone. It's been a pleasure to take part in the event!

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