Consul Report September 2021


Consul Report September 2021



As you are all now fully aware the Discord switch over as the primary chat program for the Brotherhood is scheduled to go live on Oct. 1st barring some huge setback. Most if not all members of Vizsla should be in by the time I post this report. Some things I want to reiterate though as we move forward.

This club is about friendships both inside and outside all of our respective units. Seclusion is not good for the club or a unit. While we all tend to draw into clan chat because they are friends and we are comfortable with them I encourage all members to reach out and get to know the other DB members. Have some fun in general chat, talk about what games you are playing in gaming chat, visit the other clan chats as you feel comfortable with it.

Something often lost in the shuffle is we are Brotherhood members first and then members of a Clan. We need to remember to act that way from time to time, myself included. While I will always, as Consul or not, advocate for the interests of this clan. We all have to decide from time to time what is best for the entire brotherhood. I know Discord may not be your choice for the platform moving forward, but I am stoked to see you guys putting aside your personal choice for what you feel is the best option for all of us.

Naming The Fleet

As Zoron mentioned in his last report the Vizsla fleet has received a major upgrade. After a competition and a few minor tweaks, we have selected the names for the Vizsla fleet.

Ship Name
Braha'tok-class Gunship Crimson Arrow
Braha'tok-class Gunship Chain of Fate
CC-7700 Frigate Shriek Hawk
DP20 Corellian Gunship Silent Storm
DP20 Corellian Gunship Shadow Fox
DP20 Corellian Gunship Rim Runner
DP20 Corellian Gunship Krayt's Pearl
Free Virgillia-class Bunkerbuster Crushing Dawn
Free Virgillia-class Bunkerbuster Kingdom Come
Starhawk-class Battleship Mark I Concordia

There were plenty of options suggested. Once again I want to thank Ricmore for his work on this.

Plagueis Pro Bowl

I am super stoked about this event. It will be my first Pro Bowl and from the outside looking in always looked like a blast. From those that I have talked to that have competed, I was not wrong. The start date is looking like September 18th and Slagar and the other Consuls are working behind the scenes to get everything finalized and ready to go. If the Rites of Supremecy are any indication we will have a great turnout and hard-fought competition from the four Clans that are competing. More details will follow soon and the event will be featured in the Write up from Farrin and the guys in House Wren on the 15th. Be on the lookout for more details from Slagar as well.

Operation Homefront

The above is just a working title and will change. This is a longer-term project that will probably take place over the course of the winter and spring. Zoron, Denath, and I will be taking lead on staking out the conquest of Daemunn. (Still think whoever came up with that is a genius, btw). With the upcoming Clan possessions as well as the larger fleet. The Summit felt it was time to create a base for Vizsla. In keeping with a lot of Mandalorian lore, a moon, like Concordia or Dxun, seemed appropriate as this lets Zsoldos be the free trade world that we all love.

We are in the early stages of planning so there are not many details as of yet. Safe to say that at least the March Great Hunt will feature the storyline as well as several other competitions throughout the next year.

Q and A

Thought I would throw this out there for the fun of it

Kamjin Asked:

Korvis - In @Zappius Wight Q&A I asked which Clan he would invade and why. He chose Vizsla. How will you respond?

With copious amounts of blaster fire! Beating Appius and his army would bring more honor to the Clan and more credits after we loot their dead corpses.

Sarin asked:

How you feel about that discord dawg?

As if the opening statements didn’t clue anyone in, I am all in on Discord. There are some things I will miss I won’t lie. In the end, it is both a better program and what is best for the Club. Therefore it is an easy choice for me to make. Plus the fact I don’t have to search through endless DMs to find the channel I want is a huge selling point for me.


Last but not least I will be on Vacation with the Wife sans kids from the Fourth of September to the Twelfth. I will have my phone so I can be hit up on Discord and will be checking in some but Zoron will handle stuff while I chill out and drink beer all day.

Plus, Drac is back, fools!

I knew I was forgetting something. Dangit!

The Pro Bowl is going to be really good. I can't wait!

Drac is back...back again...Drac is back, tell a friend.

Also, great answer on the Zappius question.

Great report Korvis! Especially love the discussion of looking beyond just clan members for people to be friends with.

Fantastic report Korvis. Props to pushing your members to realize/remember we're all part of the same club first and forge inter-clan relationships, proud of you.

Looking forward to seeing what else you do with Vizsla, keep up the great work.

enjoy your VaCa boss, well deserved

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