COU Rollmaster report #2


COU Rollmaster report #2

It has been a bit since my first report as the Rollmaster of Clan Odan-Urr, so it is the high time to make you bored with terrible stats and other stuff, which is irreversibly joined with the job of the Rollmaster. I'm sorry for making this report a bit long, but it's definitely worth to read it.

Promotion highlights

Several members of our Clan have earned well-deserved promotions since my last report. Let's have a look.

Krandon Lucian Firebringer has been promoted to the rank of Ranger (EQ2). He has been a member, whose activity has been steady for a long time. Though he may be not the most shining member of our Clan, Krandon is reliable person, whom we can rely on in everyday activity.

Mako Henymory has been earned promotion to the rank of Seer (EQ3). Mako has transferred from Clan Arcona very recently, so that he could serve in our Clan as Quaestor of House Satele Shan. He has earned his promotion for very dedicated service in Clan Arcona and in the office of the Fist. However, he continues to amaze us with excellent service and activity in our Clan.

Another person, I would like to mention, is Sa Ool as he has earned promotion to the rank of Savant (EQ2). He is a living proof of the fact that being a very active member of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood pays off with various recognitions of service.

To finish one's journey to the rank of Journeyman 4 (Knight, Professional or Captain, depending on one's order) is always an important milestone in one's career in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Both leocadio and Len Iode both hit this rank in December. They have proven that a dedicated member may quickly complete their training in a very short time, three and two months respectively. Even more noteworthy, both leocadio and Len continue to impress us with their positive attitude, great activity and excellent service.

Congratulations to all and each of you! You have done really great job!

Awards highlights

Firstly, I would like to recognize Edgar Drachen (our Clan-resident dragon) for earning his very first Grand Cross of the Dark Side. This is the highest merit award, which can be award to a member of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood (though it may sound a bit strange, when a Jedi receives a Grand Cross of the DARK SIDE). Then, the Sacramental Awards begin with a Sapphire Blade. To receive the Grand Cross of Dark Side requires a lot of impressive active, high quality work outside of competitions and excellent service in general. Edgar has proven that he fulfills all our expectations beyond our expectations.

Junazee and Kah Manet have both been awarded Steel Crosses for their excellent work. What differs them is that Junazee has proven herself to be an awesome gamer with competitive, but also positive spirit of friendship towards other gamers of our Clan and whole Brotherhood. Kah has been an excellent Aedile of House Satele Shan, who has ben a pillar member and leader of the unit. They have mastered different aspects of activity and service, excelling in their respective areas.

Mako Henymory and Aaleeshah have earned Anteian Cross. Much of their work, which had been mentioned in their recommendations, is related to their current and former jobs of Battleteam Leaders. They have proven to be excellent leaders, who lead by example, showing a very high level of activity and positive attitude towards other members of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

Another recipient of the Anteian Cross is Alethia Archenksova. He has earned himself this award for high level of consistent activity. He is a great example of steadfast member, whom we appreciate very much.

Sa Ool has earned a Dark Cross. It is one of the least appreciated awards, because it is the lowest one. However, when it comes to show our appreciation for a smaller amount of work, the Dark Cross is probably the most suitable award. It is exactly such situation in case of Sa. He has drafted a approximately 1600 words long Wiki article about Sanctuary II space station and the Dark Cross has been a token of appreciation for his excellent work on this article.

Projects progress

I have talked about several projects in my previous report. There has been slight progress made as long as they are concerned.

I have completed welcome e-mails, pre-AWOL e-mails and document for activity tracking, as the previously utilized one has refused to cooperate with me. Manually inserting every single member of our Clan into the document was a terrible thing. It has taken a lot of time to actually do that. Now, it will be far easier for me to get evaluations done, as I already have the basic outline.

I have done slight progress with writing guideline, but the works have been slowed down by crazy Christmas schedule and the commissions cumulating at the end of year. However, as I have completed some of the commissions, I will be able to focus on DJB stuff a bit more.


There are plenty competitions, which you may take part in. Here are some highlighted competitions.

  1. Through the Looking Glass
  2. January 2016 Jedi Academy Bracket
  3. Breaking the Wall
  4. Jedi Pillow Talk
  5. Know Thy Self
  6. When Slacking Pays Off

What to do? – Writing fiction

In this section, I would point various activities, which you may take up in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, and explain why they are so important to us. First, I would like to start with writing fiction.

Writing fiction is one of the basic activities within Dark Jedi Brotherhood. There are many competitions, which include writing stories, so if you do not take part in them, you deprive yourself from an way to show your activity and to earn both Crescents for placing in competitions and Clusters of Ice for writing stories. Also, one of leader's duties is to develop unit's lore. While you may delegate this task to a more skilled writer, you are still responsible for it. This is why, candidates for leadership positions are often reviewed based on their writing abilities as one of primary factors of the choice. Certainly, you do not have to like writing stories. It is not that you have to write or you are worse. Definitely not. Still, you should consider writing as an important part of your activity in the Brotherhood.

It is a fairly demanding activity. Most fiction competitions require you to write at least 500 words, sometimes a bit less, sometimes a bit more. You need to focus on preparing a coherent story, which follows a given topic and is does not contradicts your Character Sheet (sometimes of other people too, if you include them in your story) nor official DJB and Star Wars canon.

Are you afraid to enter competitions with more experienced writers? Well, remember that practice makes perfect. No one displays an excellent writing workshop without actually writing stories. By participating in competitions, you may improve your skills and learn in what areas you lack something. In this way, you may eliminate all kinds of mistakes and make your writing turn from a piece of … writing into a piece of art.

If you are afraid to compete with other people, you may also start from writing something for your character. In case of Novitiates and Journeymen, one of tasks, which you may complete, in order to advance through ranks, is to write a story about your character and have it accepted by your Master or a leader of your House or Clan. Thanks to this, you may develop your character's background and improve your writing skills without being compared to more experienced writers. It is definitely a good start to do something more.

Final thoughts

It has been a definitely busy time. We have seen lots of promotions and awards granted to members of our Clan. With the upcoming Feud with Plagueis, we will have a chance to prove that the light side of the Force shall always prevail. It is your chance to gain some Crescents and merit awards for your participation. There are many competitions, which you may participate in, so do not waste a chance to get yourself prepared and ready. I hope that you will enjoy it!

Excellent report, Grats to all award and promotion earners. Listen to Xantros, the man knows what he is talking about peoples.

Great Report and Congratulations to everyone earning a Promotion and a Medal.. All were well deserved.

Xantros is right and any member looking to improve in any area be it Fiction, Gaming, ACC or whatever please Reach out to Xantros or any Summit member we are here to help.

Excellent report and the man is right, practice practice practice

Here here

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