COU Rollmaster report #7


COU Rollmaster report #7

Greetings Odanites (and others)!

Welcome to another report of COU Rollmaster. Unusually, it covers two months, May and June, due to lacking free time. Hopefully, it will not happen again.


Currently, Clan Odan-Urr consists of 57 members. Former and current members of the Clan have earned:

  1. Crescents: 106 ( 59 in May, 47 in June),
  2. Clusters of Ice: 69 (49 in May, 29 in June)
  3. Clusters of Fire: 364 (104 in May, 260 in June)
  4. Clusters of Earth: 1265 (206 in May, 1059 in June)
  5. Seals of Loyalty: 3 (3 in May)
  6. Pendants of Blood: 2 (2 in June)
  7. Scrolls of Foundation: 2 (2 in May)
  8. Legions of the Scholar: 2 (1 in May, 1 in June)
  9. Scrolls of the Master :1 (1 in May)

Apart from this, members of Clan Odan-Urr have completed 105 Shadow Academy courses (including 1 retake) and 2 Dark Mavens. They have also submitted 241 entries for competitions (153 in May, 88 in June). Great job!

Members highlights

Korroth has participated in amazing number of 43 competitions, earning himself 20 Crescents of various types, 38 Clusters of Fire, 65 Clusters of Earth, 15 Clusters of Ice and 2 Scrolls of Foundation..

Edgar Drachen has participated in 33 competitions and has earned 10 Crescents of different levels, 81 Clusters of Fire, 355 Clusters of Earth and 1 Pendant of Blood.

Darro Zhen has participated in 20 competitions, earning 5 Crescents of various types, 35 Clusters of Earth and 9 Clusters of Ice.



  1. Are you a Jedi Pokemon Master?
  2. [HM] The Paladin Massacre - Journeymen-only competition
  3. The Heart of it all
  4. Click the circles
  5. Iconic Character Sheets
  6. Imagine me and you
  7. Homecoming – a COU event (parent competition – go and participate in all subcompetitions for Phase 2!)


The COU Writing Guideline has been completed and released via Clan mailing list. Soon, I shall release it somewhere else so that it is easily accesible to all current and future members of the Clan. If you have any specific idea for such place, please let me know.

The progress on the Leadership Training Programme got slow, because I have had insane working schedule for since the end of May. It has left me like an hour a day for non-job related activities, so I was unable to work over this project to the required extent. Thus, I would like to call out for your assistance in preparing materials for two sections – Communication and Competitions. So, if you have any leadership experience within the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and you are interested in helping me out in this matter, please contact me via e-mail or Telegram.

Due to the delays with the Leadership Training Programme, which has the top priority, other projects have been put on hold. I will resume work over them as soon as the LTP is finished, which will hopefully happen some time next month.

What to do – coding

It is one of the areas that I personally lack a lot. Even coding a simple report like this one is difficult for me. However, when it comes for the Brotherhood as the whole, it is an extremely important area of activity. We have access to an awesome website with countless functionalities, which make it very easy and comfortable to manage our activity and other things, which are done in the club. While often remains unnoticed, the work of our coders makes miracles.

Due to amount of work on the shoulders of the Seneschal office, I strongly encourage you to assist them in development of the website. We will all definitely benefit from it and your help will never become forgotten.

Personal corner

As you have probably already noticed, I have changed the name of my character. I have decided to switch my character to a Non-Force User, because development of the story of my previous character would require me to take actions that I have no time for. It will be easier for me to switch characters and to create brand new story for a new character. It is also an opportunity for me to try a brand new perspective of writing stories, as I have acted as a Force user for last 10 years. I hope to enjoy this new character very much!

Final thoughts

There is always much to do. While the summer holidays are usually a bit slower time (stop reading this report and enjoy normal life!) for us, we have numerous competitions that we may participate in and projects to work over. You may always volunteer to do something for your unit or whole Dark Jedi Brotherhood, even if there is no project officially announced. I am sure that you will be allowed to do something. :)


Lt. Col. Lithar Andaris

COU Rollmaster

Hopefully the first... Yay for the report!

Great report and I'm more than willing to help others participate in comps. Great Job COU and HOTH!

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