Creative Writing Workshop - Trial Run


Creative Writing Workshop - Trial Run

First, I'm sorry Sang, for bumping your news post! For those interested in an Aedile opportunity in Clan Naga Sadow, go here!

Secondly, I feel like I just wrote a report, well... be thankful this isn't one. The talking has completed and we have the green light to move forward with the first trial run of the Creative Writing Workshop. I have been granted leave to "shout from the rooftops" that this course will be treated as the requirement for the Dark Sage of Writing degree.

Thank you, Farrin. I believe my voice is growing hoarse as a result.

Creative Writing Workshop


What is this thing of which I speak? Well, let's outline exactly what it entails. This workshop will span 17-18 weeks (4.5 Months) and include the following segments:

  1. Introductions
  2. Tenets of Writing
  3. Understanding Character Sheets
  4. Writing in the Antei Combat Center
  5. Writing in Run-Ons
  6. Conclusions

Excluding sections 1 and 6, each of these will include assignments that must be completed. The first section has two assignments, to differentiate itself from the others.

How do you pass the course?

Required Criteria:

You must complete each assignment throughout the Workshop and participate in discussions, either directly with the instructor or with the group thread.

Be ACC Qualified. You can't complete that segment without it.

Additional Criteria:

To compliment your full participation, you must either maintain a 3.0 scoring minimum average through the course or show a full scale point increase by the end of the assignments resulting in a 3.0 or higher score.

Trial Run

This course will only be accepting a maximum of 5 members for this initial run. It will be run by myself as the instructor and the primary discussions will take place via a collective email thread. This is to both preserve the material for proof of completion and to shy away from using a public forum such as the Discourse. The intent is not to put members on display or embarrass them, but to instruct and learn. This form will be open for up to 2 weeks before selections are made.

You can use the following sign-up form to put your name down to be randomly selected for this initial run:

Click me! I'm the sign-up form!

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit nervous. This is the largest scale thing I've taken lead on thus far (Possessions doesn't count, I was merely lead grunt). This trial run is to help make sure things go smoothly before opening up to more instructors.

I hope those who are selected are able to get the most out of this experience, and know that there will be more opportunities coming in the future.

Good luck, everyone.

Great news, fiction writers! Thanks, Atra!

Yes! I need this in my life. Must get better at creative words! Signed up.

Thanks a lot for this amazing and immense undertaking! You can definitely count me in!!!

Then I wish you good fortune in this trial. It is a good idea to be sure, and I am sure it will be a success in the long run.

I've been waiting for a chance at this after reading about it in the Wiki

Woooo Awesome!!! Thanks Atra!! I've been totally excited about this since this was first mentioned!! Signed up :)

So confused at what this is... WOOO

FINALLY! YES! Sage for writing is finally within grasp. My SA completeness is so close :3 Excited. Yes.

I'm already a Dark Sage of Writing. Can I join just to complain? Good luck all!

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