[CSP] An Old Man Battles On


[CSP] An Old Man Battles On


Proconsul Report #3


  1. Holonet - An old man reaches out to a friend
  2. Recognition - An unsung hero
  3. Collaborative Conversations - Inquires from the front
  4. Next Steps - Journey into the unknown


Kamjin sighed as he leaded his head back in his chair. He had stolen a moment of silence in an empty room at the Garganta Galleria Casino and Hotel. So many plans were in motion and he needed a moment to see the strings connecting them together.

DarkHawk snuck his head into the room, "Sir, it's time to go."

Kamjin let his head fall forward and nodded his head for DarkHawk to step out. As he saw DarkHawk's reaction he motioned that he'd be there in a moment. DarkHawk gave a grim grin and shut the door again.

Kamjin turned away from the door and pulled out a small communicator. Keying in a hidden frequency the holographic image of Shadow Nighthunter appeared. Kamjin smirked, "How goes the plan?"

Shadow was hunched over speaking in a hushed tone, "It proceeds. How goes things with the Principate?"

"As to be expected. They're benefiting from our services and finding themselves indebted to either our personnel, equipment, or funding," Kamjin answered.

"Excellent, either way this war turns we'll be positioned with the victors," Shadow beamed as she deactivated the connection.


Recognition does not mean we're always giving medals or promotions. This month I'd like to recognize our own Rollmaster Reiden Palpatine Karr for his continued service to the Clan.

He's always present on Telegram engaging with our new and existing members. While this is the public face he's also busy working behind the scenes. Recently teaching me how to manage the distribution lists for the Clan so he's not the only person ensuring you all receiving our email communications.

Further, he has continued to champion the appropriate alignment of our possessions. If you haven't checked out our possessions recently you'll now find an Armor Transports container featuring four Y-85 Titan Dropship Flights. In addition, you'll find a Troop Transport container featuring eighteen Sentinel-class Landing Craft.

While not necessary for RoS this time this ensures there is not a gap in our fleet preventing us from landing our heavy equipment and troops. By selling our ISN Executor Reiden was able to establish our landing fleet and generate a 61,765,570 surplus in funds.


Thank you, Reiden for all you've done and continue to do!


Remember to log your questions at #Askkamjin within the Clan Scholae Palatinae [Telegram channel - Log in to view join link]

How do you motivate yourself or others to participate in competitions or other activities? - Raleien

I'll take the opportunity with the first of your questions to acknowledge these are great questions. I'll take this one in two parts.

  1. Motivating Myself - For the most part I'm a self-starter because I want my character to continue to explore the DJB universe. Kamjin is basically a fictionalized version of myself and my experience within the Emperor's Hammer and Dark Jedi Brotherhood dating back to 1995 (There's some interesting personal tidbits about my personality if you read deeply into my CS and Wiki).

  2. Motivating Others - I'm conscious of people's time commitments and don't want to beat people up to participate beyond their capabilities. This is a volunteer club meant for our enjoyment. Now, that being said, I am competitive and I will encourage people throughout Telegram and other mediums to stay engaged.

Along these lines I'm also a proponent of metrics and utilizing fact based analysis to show our level of engagement. Looking at the RoS we had 17 individuals declare themselves for a faction as of the start of Phase 1. Based upon our Clan size that means 63% of our clan has aligned to a faction.

Now, when we look at the participation level 13 of those 17 people have submitted to at least one bin. That's a 76% participation level. To help you visualize it below are the charts and graphs I've been tracking.

Graph 2 Graph 1

What are some good ways to show leadership that don't require Summit or Staff involvement? - Raleien

Leadership doesn't require a title. Anytime you help a member navigate the site or teach them how to submit a screen-print for a competition; that's leadership.

Sometimes, Leadership is just listening to another individual and asking them questions on how they're attempting to solve a problem to help them thing through it.

Personally, I have always defined Leadership as shifting your focus from your personal, individual, achievements towards the achievements of others and your team. To help make that real you can be the best pilot in Squadrons routinely blowing up everyone away. Leadership is taking the time to explain the loadout you've created, the ships you fly, and your strategy in a Fleet Battle to ensure a win.

Sith Leader

Do you have a favorite type of DJB activity? - Raleien

Definitely writing fictions. Which is ironic given I started in the DJB as a Sith in the era when the people who wrote were Krath and...well...Sith would look down on the Krath. This is actually the activity that brought me back to the DJB was for an opportunity to write.

I've fancied myself for a while as a writer who doesn't write. I'd ideally like to write my own novel(s) in the future and felt I needed exposure, feedback, and a regimented reason to write. It's easy to promise yourself that you'd write and another to say "I have to write to represent my Clan." I like to think that I'm getting better. My latest ACC battle is here. Leave me a comment below if you like it.


What is your favorite Star Wars media (ie. Specific movie or TV show/episode, comic, book etc.) - Raleien

There is just...wow, way to much to unpack here. My parents have audio tape of me at two explaining Star Wars and answering questions so to say my life is Star Wars wouldn't be an understatement.

If I were to give a short answer it would be The Empire Strikes Back. Mainly because my three year old son is obsessed with it and the AT-ATs. ESB

As for my personal preferences I'd have to break it down as follows.
1. Movie - Empire Strikes Back - It was this movie that solidified my love of the Empire from seeing an SSD for the first time, the excellent assault on Echo Base, to the Imperial take over of Cloud City. It hit all the right notes.
2. Book - The Original Thrawn Trilogy - I recall my mom talking about these books when I was a kid as we drove and her explaining the Noghri to me. As I graduated from reading the Jedi Prince series of books (I'd recommend picking up the first The Glove of Darth Vader) I picked up Heir to the Empire.
3. Comic - Dark Empire - I recall picking this up from Disney World at the gift shop coming out of Star Tours and it really introduced me to the world of Star Wars Comics. As someone who was already embracing the Empire and the Dark Side to see the "hero" Luke Skywalker fall to the Dark Side was amazing writing and really showed how tempting the Dark Side was. Here was yet another hero who felt they could wield the Dark Side and not become tainted.

How well is your faction doing in the war? - DekIronyikut

My personal impression is that we're doing well though I don't have concrete data to support it. As Bubba recently shared, we should begin seeing results on or before July 6th.

Why am I your favorite? - Zappius Wight

Because I needed a third to make this meme work.

PCON Hoof Bump

Should Zenapi notice Appius - Zentru'la

This took a bit of research. So there's a few things we need to first understand about this question.

  1. Zenpai - (sumo) the act of losing every bout in a tournament.
  2. Appius - (Latin pronunciation: [ˈappɪ. ʊs]) is a Latin praenomen, or personal name, usually abbreviated Ap. or sometimes App., and best known as a result of its extensive use by the patrician gens Claudia.

So, we have a down on their luck sumo wrestler who is struggling to impress a Roman sponsor. I'd like to imagine that this particular Roman had traveled half the world to ancient Japan and was seeking to sponsor a Sumo wrestler to return to the Colosseum and participate in the games for their Emperor for greater glory.

This poor individual just can't get noticed and while he's noticed Appius, Appius has no reason to notice Zenapi.

How many journeymen would a journeymen-munching rancor munch if a journeyman-munching rancor could munch journeymen? - Reiden Karr

Rancor Eating

Is it true you turn into an Ewok during a full moon? - Shadow Nighthunter

No, I assure you I do not turn into an Ewok in the full moonlight.

I will take this as an opportunity to explain my position on Ewoks. Years ago on mIRC (an older communication platform) it was routinely advocated to roast Ewoks and enjoy the sweet succulent meat after being nicely charred. As such, I've been engrained since the age of 12 to view Ewoks are food.

That being said, there's at least one Ewok in the DJB that's making a name for themselves.

Darth Ewok

I hope you are all enjoying the week rest between Phase 1 and Phase 2. As Bubba shared, Phase 2 starts this weekend.

As always, I have an "open door" policy, please DM me on Telegram at any time.

Ewoks are food. Dibs on Ewok tenderloin!

Great report! And sorry for the barrage of questions. But thank you for answering all of them!

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