[CSP] An Old Man Unites A System In Time For War! (With GIFS!)


[CSP] An Old Man Unites A System In Time For War! (With GIFS!)


Consul Report #8


  1. Holonet - Preparations for GJW XV Are Underway
  2. The Dark Times Saga - The Competition Closes But The Fiction Is Delayed
  3. Recognition - Seals of Loyalty
  4. Dark Council Commentary - A summary and reaction to recent Dark Council activities
  5. Next Steps - What comes next


Preparations for GJW XV Are Underway


It’s here folks, today is the day that Great Jedi War XV kicks off. You’ll see a flurry of information come out later today from the Dark Council regarding the competitions. One major difference this year will be how we handle Run-Ons (RO).

RO used to be managed via our Discourse (e.g., Message Boards) which had become outdated and under used over the years.

This year we’ll be managing it via Discord and a unique channel has been established for CSP under #rp-lobby. This is similar to how we have our own in-character (IC) and out-of-character (OOC) channels for our RP sessions. Once the GJW begins we’ll unlock it for you all to see.

When you join there will be two pinned messages.

How to generate a snapshot of your character and loadout that you’ll be utilizing
A post for you to reply-to and attach your snapshot - this is important as it’ll allow us to track responses.

I encourage you all to participate. Unlike the Rite of Supremacy (RoS) we’re competing now for Clan honor. If we can roast ewoks we can roast the other clans!

You can read more in the Introducing Great Jedi War XV: Ascension



And The Worlds Burned…
Several months after the outbreak of Civil War

“Get down, get down!” the voice shouted over the screech of incoming fighter craft. Cathy dove into the trench that had been dug into the street. She felt her pants rip as they snagged on the jagged concrete and could tell blood was starting to ooze from the gash. There was no time to worry about that, she threw her hands over her helmeted head and waited. She could feel her leg pulse in time with her breath. Was it seconds or days, she could no longer tell.

Then the proton bombs began to fall. Bombers from one of the factions, she couldn’t tell who anymore, rained down near their position. The ground shook violently as fragments of the streets and nearby buildings, at least what was left of them, shattered. The perpetual fog of war darkened as the cloud of dust descended. She could feel her pants grow soggy with her blood yet she still refused to move.

“All clear!” the same voice shouted. She survived. She started to laugh, she was alive. She was going to live. As the tears streamed down her dirty face, leaving smears of mud in their tracks, she rolled over and inspected her wound. There was a decent gash from her mid thigh to her knee. She was slowly registering the pain as she fished into her vest for a bacta patch.

“Are you okay?” a soldier asked as he made his way down the trench. She nodded and he moved on immediately to check on the others. Her shaking hands finally grasped onto a patch. She ripped it open with her teeth and applied it to her wound. She sighed as the bacta began to numb the pain.

“I guess you won’t be wearing a dress with a slit again,” Luke said, as he crawled through the trench towards her. She shook her head, unable to find her voice. She looked at Luke as he propped himself up beside her. For a moment it felt like she was living someone else’s life. The two of them behind a desk, decked out in the latest fashions, reporting on the gossip and news of the day. Bright beaming lights illuminating their perfect smiles and immaculate hair. Now, she shunned the light. The light was how they found you.

To Be Continued…

My apologies, I want to ensure the closing fiction is given its full justice and I was unable to finish it before the GJW starts. I’ll be working on it this weekend and will publish an amendment report once complete.


In the interim, let’s look at the results and I’m proud of everyone who took the time to participate. We’ve been going strong with a few back-to-back competitions and we’ll be breaking into smaller, one-off, competitions following the GJW with a focus on House level activities and rebuilding.

Participation by Unit


Caliburnus really showed up in this competition and congratulations to you all. I’m equally pleased with Acclivis Draco given several of the usually strong members in that House were away for real-life obligations.


What I’d like to call attention to is there are two key insights the above graph will show.

Participation - The more you participate the higher your base score will be. This will translate over as well to the GJW where participation will give you opportunities for overall placement.
Modifiers - Always look at the competitions that provide modifiers. These are fiction and graphic competitions, usually, and can give 3x and 2x the points. As you’ll see those who participated in all the comps took advantage of these modified points to pull ahead. This will also apply in GJW where placement will receive bonus points.

Thank you again for everyone who participated. I provided feedback to everyone who submitted but if anyone wants addition 1:1 feedback please let me know.


Seals of Loyalty went out and I am extremely pleased by how many members of Scholae Palatinae were recognized. For those who don’t know about this award below is the description from the wiki.

The Seal of Loyalty is one of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood’s most prestigious awards, granted only once a year on Star Wars Day (May the 4th) to those members nominated for their allegiance and consistent service to the Brotherhood. The seal is a standardized disk of woven ditanium featuring a centered medallion of neuranium emblazoned with the sacred seal of the Brotherhood.

Where this separates itself from other awards is it only is granted once a year and there are limits on the number of individuals we can nominate within each clan. What you’ll see by the volume of individuals recognized within CSP is that we’re engaging not only within our Clan but throughout the border Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

Seals of Loyalty:

  • Raleien Sonavarret
  • Thran Occasus-Palpatine
  • Aldaric
  • Xantros
  • Kamjin “Maverick” Lap’lamiz
  • Czarnian

If my count is right this is one of the highest, if not the highest, number within a single clan.


I’m going to hit on just a couple key things of interest.

Star Chamber Appointment #2 and Star Chamber Appointment #1

Benevolent Taldrya Whiner and Kenath Zoron Ad Vizsla have been appointed as temporary members of the Star Chamber. This is a significant honor and I congratulate them both on their appointments.

For those who are unaware, the Star Chamber has existed since the beginning of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and serves an important function these days to balance the powers of the Grand Master and the Dark Council. I recall a time when the Star Chamber was more lip-service and a retirement home and this led to wild swings in engagement from Grand Masters.

What I love is that by having long-term members, who aren’t in a senior leadership position, you truly allow a voice from the membership in all these activities.

Professor Zentru'la - Inaugural Lecture

This is a great post from one of the newest Professors within the Shadow Academy. I’m sure many of you didn’t know that Professors could submit reports.

Within this post are several great suggestions for improving your writing and I encourage you all to read it before getting into GJW XV writing. I walked away with some new tips to improve my dialogue writing.



GJW XV is going to be the major focus for the next two months. During that time you’ll see the conclusion fiction for the Dark Times Saga and upon our return to normalcy we’ll be focusing on rebuilding our system and our home!

Until next time, stay Sithy my friends!

As always, I have an "open door" policy, please DM me on Discord at any time.

A most excellent report. Lots of good things happening in CSP. Best of luck in the GJW.

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