[CSP] Clan Summit Report - January 2018


[CSP] Clan Summit Report - January 2018


Welcome to the CSP Clan Summit report for the month January 2018, co-written by myself and Braecen! This report is largely here to announce new competitions for the month of February, which will largely be a world-building month for the clan.


CSP News – New Competitions!

Battleteam Cup

I am honored to announce a new competition & recognition format for our Clan in February. It is a surreal experience to be a Clan Leader in the Brotherhood. One I truly hope that you all can share in one day. It is also a tremendous amount of pressure to ensure that your ideas are engaging, that you appease the most people you can at one time, and - ultimately - ensure people are having fun. When we started discussing a Unit Recognition system in November, the conversation took a fun turn towards the ‘House Cup’ from Hogwarts in the Harry Potter universe. And it was decided that points would be accrued for being active on the site; consistent with the manner in which we currently operate.

It was decided, at the time, that the best way to implement something akin to this would be to ALPHA test it at the Battle Team level. While we understand that teams surge upward & downward in their core activity, Scholae Palatinae presented a unique chance to test a theory across four units at once. It also made us examine what we want as the ‘core’ of our member’s focus. We literally had to choose what was most valuable to the success, and growth, of our Clan and it’s members. In the end, we have had to make some tough decisions and we are aware that this system is potentially flawed. But we also know that we have taken an idea as far as it can go… and that we must test it to get the feedback & data we need to improve it.

Battleteam Cup Format

A four-way Battle Team competition with a twist - points will be awarded to a Battle Team based on individual activity. Points will be accrued by members based on regular activities tracked on the Brotherhood site (see below). This is a pilot (ALPHA Test) for this kind of friendly unit competition and comes with no specific rewards beyond the honor of being recognized as the most active team in Scholae Palatinae.

Duration: 4th February to 4th of March

Participation in a competition: 5 points (double for DB wide competitions) Organisation of competition by BT member: 5 points Completion of a shadow academy exam: 2 points Gaining a shadow academy degree: 5 points Pendant of Blood: 5 points Scroll of Indoctrination: 10 points

This event also coincides with a HP crossover competition from Lex: The Sorting Hat

For the sake of growth, we hope that you consider less how you and your units will place. And we hope you consider more how to immerse yourself in the wonderous lore of Star Wars and the new history we write together in Scholae Palatinae. As always, we will be sharing the results & data at the end of the competition along with a link to a survey to improve the ‘Battle Team Cup’ format.

Conflict in Caperion

We are honored to be called the Third Clan of the Brotherhood, but that is not where our story began or where it shall end. As we described in a previous communication, we will be using February to test a ‘Battle Team Cup’ format. The premise is to award points to individuals for completing regular activities through the website. It requires nothing more than for members to continue being active participants in what the Brotherhood offers.

In celebration of our recent successes, we turn our focus back to the Caperion System. In our previous competitions & fictions, we have been thrust from the Cocytus System - our former dominion - by the Grand Master’s ire (and Iron Navy bombardment). We survived, for a time, adrift in the voids of space as we sought potential homeworlds. None of the system we surveyed held as much promise as the Caperion System, though. As we scouted the planets, we found a dynamic backdrop to paint our new Empire within.

We struck fast and hard. In a tactical operation, we were able to succeed in grasping a foothold on the moon of Ragnath (in orbit around the planet of Seraph) by defeating the Meraxis Empire. Our efforts, however, were stalled when the Grand Master called us to serve in the Great War against The Collective. Our forces have been entrenched against Meraxis forces, awaiting our arrival, for months. Until now.

After suffering defeat at our hands in the Great Jedi War, The Collective have lent some of their agents to the Meraxis Empire to prevent us from expanding our territory. We must solidify our position before we expand further.

OOC: we're using this as a world-building month. We're not really progressing with any major plotline (that will come in March) but just fleshing out a few areas of the clan that have been neglected and in need of revamp.

Conflict in Caperion

This container competition has 2nd level crescents up for grabs, and also gives you the chance to make your mark on the clan image by redesigning the clan intelligence, economy, headquarters, and propose new ACC venues. More competitions to come out soon!


DB News – Major fiction update!

Of major note in the db recently, Wally has written an update pushing the club fictional backdrop forward, which can be found here


I'd like to bring everyone's attention to Z's question: #askTheEli is there going to be another confrontation between Zehsaa and Eli about her secret? As most people know, Elincia is a fake name and the whole togruta scientist thing started as a disguise intending to stay out of the limelight... then she ended up Empress. The question of 'who knows about this' is something I get asked a lot. Zehsaa's question relates to our GJW run-on, in which Eli dropped the disguise to fight Collective people. As for who else knows: quite a few really. In my head it's one of those things that's officially secret, but too many people (Palpatines, Summits, Zehsaa, Xantros) know for rumours not to have spread at some point. Eventually she might just go 'fwec this' and drop it entirely.

Korras asks: Hamburgers or spare ribs? - I'm a veggie, but hamburgers. The falafel kind.

Reiden asks: When will the new Palpatines be announced? - You're a Palpatine Reiden, you know how this works...

Calindra asks: which is better: pie or pi? I'm sure pi was used at some point in the manufacturing process of a lot of the tools we use to make pie. So pi.

Braecen Kaeth, Mune Cinteroph and Elincia Rei

Scholae Palatinae Summit

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