[CSP Consul Report] A New Year and The End of an Empire


[CSP Consul Report] A New Year and The End of an Empire


Nadash-Capital of Meraxis

Holo images showing Scholae Forces and rebel militias engaging Meraxis forces lit up the faces of the surrounding staff and their fuming Emperor. The reappearance of the stolen Redemption along with the threat of the Scholae Empire’s new Empress had already triggered the man’s temper. Seeing his people actually taking arms and fighting alongside the enemy was all that was needed to stoke his anger into a raging inferno.

“How dare this pretender show her face here turn my people against me! Who does this new upstart think she is?”

His gaze drifted over the men and women with him until his eyes landed on the new minister of intelligence. “And you! Why didn’t you know about this invasion sooner? Why didn’t you even inform me of this pretender for an Empress?”

The woman’s lips parted to speak, but only silence was her answer as she racked her brain to give him an answer. Her hesitance was all Adoniram needed to signal for the guards to take her away. “Useless, useless, USELESS! This should have never happened! Are all of you so incompetent? Does anyone even know who this woman is?”

Most of the staff members were unable to meet his gaze, some of them shifting their feet in discomfort from the growing tension and fear of being executed. The Emperor scowled in disgust and slammed his fist on the console. “No matter. This uprising will be put to an end and this so-called Empress will suffer for such audacity. Throw everything we have at them. No quarter. Anyone who dares defy me is to be killed as an example to anyone else who may dare think to rise against me.”

Emperor Adoniram clenched his fist as he looked at the officers present. “When this is all over, you can be sure that some of you will publically serve as an example of what happens to incompetent fools. I swear it.”

Aboard the Retribution

The new Empress watched the holo images of skirmishes and chaotic firefights flash before her from the holo table with her Proconsul at her side. Shadow Nighthunter studied the scenes intently, taking note of the growing number of citizens and rebel soldiers fighting against their supposed lieges with Scholae forces by their side. Her lips shifted into a wicked grin, the former assassin satisfied with the progress being made and her own personal revenge was close to being achieved.

“Whether it’s the fear of being obliterated from the sky or the passion for freedom that these rebels fight for, I’m rather impressed with their tenacity. They may prove very useful to us when this is all over.”

“If they don’t turn against us afterward,” Mune reminded thoughtfully. “Rebellious passion is dangerous to both Empires.”

“Indeed. We will have to be sure that we keep such flames at bay.” The half-Sephi narrowed her eyes as she noticed Imperium’s acting Quaestor leading House troops into the fray. A report earlier had stated that Ric and his men had taken out the shield surrounding the wall while another stated that the generator had been taken down followed by a breach in the wall itself. The loss of power in the central section of the city supported the latter claim.

The Sith switched over to another holofeed from a trooper’s helmet and saw several Meraxis soldiers taken out by sniper fire. Shadow recognized Reiden Karr as the human peered over the speeder he was hidden behind. The man peeked over the bike and fired a few shots at advancing enemy soldiers, dropping two of them.

Mune cocked his head to the side as a call came through his commlink. He nodded a few times before thanking the other party for the news. “The enemy is falling back. Some soldiers have surrendered, and the few remaining pockets of troops within the city are dwindling. Everyone is pushing forward.”

“Good. I think it’s safe to say that victory will be ours,” Shadow stated with a nod. “Adoniram is trapped, and it won’t be long before he’s forced to stand down and give himself up. Unless he’s one of those ‘I rather die’ types.”

With a chuckle, the Empress watched as Imperium forces advanced on Meraxis troops, killing all in their wake. “It’s just a matter of time now, Adoniram. Your reign is over.”

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Iron Sky

Iron Sky is officially over, and Excidium proved to be the victor with Jorm at its lead! A huge congratulations to our crazy, shadowy House!

Iron Sky overall results: 1st Jorm 2nd Reiden 3rd Xantros

The outcome of the Multi-prompt fiction resulted in a 50/50 of the Restrained/Unleashed scale. Therefore, the former Meraxis will not be annihilated, but instead, divided into fiefdoms. Further plans for addressing the other political entities on Seraph are in the making.

Also, a huge thanks to Dek for helping out with the fiction, and to Reiden for the use of his winning fiction for the event.


As you all already know, Mune stepped down from being PCON last November, and Korras has stepped up to take his place. I want to extend a hand of gratitude to Mune for helping me getting started as PCON, and for being there to assist when I needed him. Thank you for all you’ve done, Mune, and congratulations to Korras for taking his place.

Recently, a point was brought up about the Houses lacking activity due to a few members having left while being replaced with newer members. This has made hosting House events a bit difficult due to the lack of participants. Therefore, plans for restructuring the Clan to deal with this issue have been discussed, and further details will be released in the near future. Hint: It was mentioned within the fiction.

Just a little recognition

For CSP’s Sithmas event, we’d like to offer a late congratulations to our top three winners! Congratulations to Reiden (1st), Rayne (2nd), and Jorm (3rd)! I want to say thank you to everyone who had participated in the event while keeping the Sithmas spirit alive.


We are still accepting applications for Rollmaster. If you are interested, submit an application via email to both Korras and me. Should you have any questions about the position, feel free to reach out to us the same way or via Telegram.


First off, I’d like to conclude with an apology for my lack of activity and the recent short LoA. November and December left me burnt out due to finishing up school, graduation, and holidays. Plus, some IRL stuff hit me hard at the beginning of the new year. I am officially back and ready to serve this clan once more. The Summit has already been discussing future plans for CSP regarding some restructuring hinted at within the fiction. More plans for the months to come are being made while we’re also addressing other factors involving CSP’s future.

I am glad to be back in action, and I look forward to this new year with CSP. Though I wish 2020 hadn’t started out as it did, I will be here making this journey with you all giving my best. I hope to work with the Summit in providing opportunities for leadership development as well as providing ways for members to get more involved both with projects and fictional development. I look forward to embarking on this new year with you all.

Truly yours in Darkness,

Shadow Palpatine Nighthunter
Consul of Clan Scholae Palatinae

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