[CSP] Iron Sky Event


[CSP] Iron Sky Event


Above Seraph, ships crisscrossed and traveled as usual. Freighters followed their routes like distant pearls on a string, shuttles skipped around without any real pattern, and mighty Meraxis warships patrolled the space above the nations which their crews called home.

The skies above Elaya and the corporate island were also particularly busy, with most ships not daring to stray too close to the Dreadnaught-infested Meraxian territory. The venerable cruisers with their shoals of frigates and fighters emanated pure violence.

When the Retribution exited hyperspace in their midst, she appeared so much at home that no alarm was raised before she opened fire. Smaller spearheads of durasteel dropped into reality and vomited fighters and bombers into the void, adding to Retribution's own squadrons before they squared off against the Dreadnaughts. Meanwhile, the Star Destroyer emblazoned with the giant cog breezed past the unfolding battle with some smaller ships, dragging a mangled wreck with Imperial markings in its wake.

"Attention Meraxians," every radio in the nation began to blare.

"Your fleet is being scattered as I speak. Your so-called allies have failed to give you the upper hand," spliced holovid stations aired.

"Your imbecile Emperor has led you to ruin, and his reign will end shortly," the state's public loudspeakers declared.

"Each and every one of you has a choice to make now," Shadow Nighthunter continued from the Retribution's bridge, flanked by her Grand Admiral, Imperator, and Executor.

"You will either take up arms and pry your nation away from this hereditary failure Adoniram... or you will be crushed under the literal wreckage of his aggressions, our beloved Sidious, and burn in the fire of my turbolasers."

"The choice is yours. Now choose."


Welcome to Iron Sky...

After the last encounter with its foe, Scholae Palatinae is now ready to bring the Meraxis Empire to its knees. With the former Meraxian flagship Retribution now in imperial hands, the new Empress lays her eyes on Seraph, where both Houses will be unleashed into the newly sparked civil war for power and survival. Either the Meraxians will depose their own Emperor, or they will face complete annihilation.

Iron Sky is a three-week-long clan event where both House Excidium and House Imperium will compete and decide the fate of the Meraxis Empire. Here we will have four comps running for three weeks with a fifth only running the last week of the event. The competitions include a puzzle, PvP gaming, a multi-objective prompt, a flash game, and a news/report writing contest.

[CSP] Iron Sky

The multi-objective prompt fiction will give the Houses a chance to fictionally determine what happens. There will be two prompts for Imperium and two for Excidium, each categorizes either as Restrained or Unleashed. .Total participation in the R-U axis will determine Meraxis’ eventual relationship with the Scholae Empire. Will you hold back in the hopes of an eventual surrender, or will you go all out and crush the enemy? It is all up to you.


Just a few reminders.

So get out there and do all the things! Most importantly, have fun!

Truly yours in Darkness,

Shadow Palpatine Nighthunter
Consul of Clan Scholae Palatinae

first! ^.^

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