[CSP] May 2020 Consul Report


[CSP] May 2020 Consul Report


Welcome to the May 2020 Consul Report! We’ve a lot to cover, so let’s get to it!


First off, the 14TH GREAT JEDI WAR is almost upon us! I hope you’re all ready, because it’s time for Scholae Palatinae to shine! As you may have read in Mav’s report, this GJW will begin on May 30th site time, and will have shorter bins with the war lasting nearly six weeks with each phase lasting slightly over two weeks. That way, those whose schedules have been affected by the pandemic will still have some time to participate. I encourage everyone to participate to the best of your abilities, but most importantly, I encourage everyone to have fun!

In the spirit of this eventful time in the DB, our very own Rhys Pwyll (or Raiju as many of us know him as) will be hosting a GJW Count Down on Friday at 7pm EST via google hangouts. If you’re interested, please reach out to him so you may get an invite to the hangout. Rhys will also be creating a sign up form to help assign teams for team events once the event is underway.

Last, but not least, the results for the Scholae Rising competition are in!

First Place: Xendar Thendaris
Second Place: Xantros
Third Place: Kell Dante Palpatine
Fourth Place: Rayne
Fifth Place: Wattrik Cronis
Sixth Place: Kadrol Hauen

Congratulations to Xendar, Xantros, and Kell! Thanks to all for participating!

And here is the link to the concluding fiction brought to you by Dek: Chapter 4


As stated in TG, applications for PCON are open! After some discussion, it’s been decided that the roles of PCON and AED will be emphasized more as positions meant for training members to be prepared for the QUA and CON roles. Below are the specifics for both roles that were discussed:

  • Aedile is not up for applications yet, but here’s what future applications would need:

    • No leadership experience needed.
    • Telegram presence.
    • Email turnaround of 24 hours.
    • Discord channel participation.
    • No minimum rank.
    • Internal applications will have preference.
    • Take part in leadership trainings.
  • PCON:

    • Experience as one or more of the following: Magistrate, Praetor, Hand, Appeals Panelist, Quaestor, Aedile, Dark Council position, Battleteam Leader, Rollmaster, etc.
    • Telegram presence and communication.
    • Email turnaround of 24 hours.
    • Discord channel participation.
    • No minimum rank.
    • Will take part in trainings, and possibly lead some of their own.

Training will involve community building, member communication, fictional development, and capacity building as well as hands on leadership experience. Dek and I both agreed that this aspect of these two positions were largely put to the side, preventing members from growing and developing into future leaders for the clan. Currently, just PCON apps are open, so if you’re interested in the position, please feel free to send your applications to me via TG or to my email: [Log in to view e-mail addresses]. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me.


Just would like to congratulate Dek, Mune, Xantros, and Xendar for receiving their Seals of Loyalty! Very much well earned! Keep doing all the amazing things that you do.

Ending Remarks

So, with the Great Jedi War about to begin, I’d like to remind everyone once again to have fun participating in the event. If you need help for inspiration or just have any questions in general, please reach out to Dek, myself, and your clan mates. Need help to figure out what to write for a fiction entry? Reach out. Need help with a graphic idea? Reach out. Are you signed up for a bracket event and just want to practice some JA or HotS before a match? Reach out. Want to be part of a team event and form a team? Reach out. Dek and I will be happy to help out as I’m sure the same can be said for others. We’d like to see participation in every bin, and every competition if possible. However, I do understand the impact that the pandemic has had on some of you, so most importantly, I encourage you to just do the best you can. This is supposed to be fun and not add more stress to the crazy time we’re all going through.

With that being said, let’s get out there and bring victory to CSP!

Yours truly in Darkness,

Shadow Palpatine Nighthunter
Consul of Clan Scholae Palatinae

Good report Shadow! Quick note about the google hangout - for those of you that are camera shy, I'll take no offence if you want to join and just have only audio on (turn off your camera, put a piece of tape over it, whatever). Many of us are still in lockdown so I've noticed some of my friends are becoming increasingly worried about others judging their appearance (as if we aren't all in the same boat and haven't washed our sweatpants in days... :P ) So no worries - no judgement, just want to hang out.

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