[CSP] October 2020 Consul Report


[CSP] October 2020 Consul Report


Welcome to this month’s Consul Report! With events going on and a full Summit at the helm, much has happened! Let’s get to it!


Since the last report (where I announced we were still in need of an RM), we finally did get that position filled! It has been a great honor to have Sykes Jade as RM. Since day one, he has been actively engaged with the rest of the Summit addressing activity in CSP as well as future plans for the clan. He is always willing to offer up ideas, and has been great at maintaining activity of his own through comps, Shadow Academy exams, and engaging members in the TG clan channel. I’m very thrilled to have him as part of the team.

Second, we have the “The Dark Times Saga: The Uprising of the Force” clan event going on with week two currently live. It was great to see all the activity from week 1, and I encourage everyone to take part in week two while it’s still going! You can find information and both fictions for week 1 and 2 here.

Last, but not least, please welcome Katyusha Neige back into the fold! It’s always great to see a returning member come back to us. Very happy to have you back with us, Kat. It’s always a pleasure.


Besides the Uprising of the Force event going on, we also have this year’s Halloween Jamboree taking place! Hosted by myself and my apprentice, Jedi Ninja, we encourage you to take part in the two week (a little less than that now) event. Most importantly, just have some fun! I’m really looking forward to seeing your entries! Now get yourself some Halloween spirit and do all the things!

[CSP] Halloween Jamboree

There are also some more comps hosted by fellow members of CSP! I encourage you to check them out!

So many opportunities for shinies! Do all the things!


October has been a busy and active month for the summit as we continue to plan for the future of CSP fictionally and activity-wise. I am excited to now have the Summit at full strength, and I look forward to seeing what great and amazing things we will come up with to help CSP continue to grow and change for the better. Most importantly, I look forward to working with Dek, Mauro, Xantros, and Sykes on ways to make clan activity more fun for everyone. As always, if you have any questions or input you’d like to send our way, please don’t hesitate to do so. We will gladly answer any questions you have, and we’re always ready to listen to whatever ideas or suggestions you may have. You can reach us all via TG and Email.

With that said, continue to be awesome, CSP! For the Empire!

Yours truly in Darkness,
Shadow Palpatine Nighthunter
Consul of Scholae Palatinae

Great report, as usual. :)

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