[CSP] Proconsul Report # Five


[CSP] Proconsul Report # Five

CSP Proconsul Report Five

The November Proconsul Report is now live! It has continued to be a busy month -we have continued to build momentum based on activity. We completed TWO Clan level events that saw solid support and activity numbers. There are new fictions wrapping up these events and the further stages in ongoing saga just around the corner. Read on…

Clan Activities

The Halloween Jamboree traditional event was a roaring success full of fun competitions that have recently wrapped out. Shadow and Jedi Ninja knocked this one out of the park, creating 8 events that saw 6 members participate in most of them, with 33 individual entries total. A big round of applause is due to Reiden for finishing first, with Xantros and Xendar taking 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

Dark Times Saga – Uprising of the Force wrapped up as well. Much thanks to Dek for creating a full slate of 10 competitions. This is no small feat, I can assure you. This event saw 7 individual participants taking part for close to a full third of the Clan. In terms of entries this event saw 56 individual submissions.

While these numbers may seem pedestrian to some, it indicates there is a strong core to this Clan that is slowly growing and adding energy before we hit a critical mass. These are very encouraging signs indeed. We look to upcoming House/Clan events that are on the very near horizon to continue grow this trend.


We have seen an influx of awards and activity over the past month that must be recognized and showcased:

• Mauro received 12 Clusters of Graphite

• Shadow received 2 Clusters of Ice

• Reiden received 26 Clusters of Ice and 4 Clusters of Graphite

• Xantros received 14 Clusters of Ice and 6 Clusters of Graphite

• Sykes received 21 Clusters of Fire, 4 Clusters of Graphite, and 5 Clusters of Ice

• Xendar received 14 Clusters of Ice

• Maverick received 7 Pendants of Blood


The Halloween Jamboree and Dark Times Saga events have come and gone – ushering in our most active month yet. This has provided us with another baseline of activity and metrics to document our sustainability. There is much that can be said about having a strong and vibrant cadre of members – but this is no time to rest easy. The Empire’s back continues to be up against the wall and only through continued effort, activity, and world building can we continue to survive.

The future is bright however. We have more events coming out soon thanks to the great efforts of Dek and his team. We have the holidays to look forward to and some down time to enjoy with family and friends as best we can. That being said, we are a family here. Take time to support one another, talk to one another, and drop a few kind words I know many of us can appreciate it as we get through this together.

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