[CSP] Proconsul Report # Four


[CSP] Proconsul Report # Four

CSP Proconsul Report Four

The October Proconsul Report is now live! It has been a very busy month – we have filled the leadership positions within CSP. We have embarked on not one, but TWO major Clan level events. New members have joined, and old members have returned home. Life if returning to the Empire! Read onward…

Clan Leadership Updates

The most important news, from an administrative standpoint, is that the leadership positions within CSP are now all full. Battlemaster Sykes Jade has returned from many years away and truly inspired us with the application and ideas for further growth and engagement with new members. This has already bore activity fruit. Not to mention, Sykes knocked out essentially ALL Shadow Academy courses to lead by example.

With Dek and Xantros leading the day-to-day activity within House Empire’s Chosen the Empire is fully staffed and manned. How far we have come from a unit that could not fill a roster to one fully staffed is no small feat as anyone with experience in leadership in this organization can admit. We are looking forward to all of the items that Sykes, Dek, and Xantros currently have in the works.

Dark Times Saga

Dark Times Saga is a multi-discipline event series underway within CSP. The first week of competitions have just closed and we have seen a solid turnout of approximately 1/3rd of the Clan. While these numbers may seem modest by some units, this is a DRASTIC improvement over the recent activity of the Clan as a whole and indicates a positive trend in the right direction. Dek and Xantros must be greatly thanked for their efforts in not only putting out a slate of 5 comps per week but also fictional updates that involve a good deal of the membership.

Dark Times Sage is now in its second day of its second week. A new slate of 5 competitions are live as the prior 5 are being judged now. Very excited to see the placement and getting awards out to the deserving personnel. A brief rundown of the offerings are as follows:

• Splinter Force – a flash game competition for our gamer types

• Students of the Lightside – a trivia event for the scholars amongst us

• Clan Code – an encryption puzzle that is sure to test your code breaking abilities

• Very Important Pilot – a standard fiction with an exciting prompt!

• Propaganda Worth Laughing For – a fun and easy graphic competition for our artists

The event runs for the next week so please get your submissions in before time runs out!


We have seen an influx of awards and activity over the past month that must be recognized and showcased:

• Sykes received a Dark Cross

• Dante received a Steel Cross

• Mauro Wynter – 18 Clusters of Graphite

• Mune Cinteroph – 4 Cluster of Ice

• Rasilvenaira StormRaven – 2 Clusters of Ice

• Sykes Jade – 4 Clusters of Earth, 53 Clusters of Fire

• Shadow – 3 Clusters of Ice


Lots of moving parts and signs of life out of our little Empire. New leadership and returning membership. A far more activity base and slate of competitions. The Telegram and email chatter is now lively as opposed to the previous wasteland. I am humbled to be writing this report and am excited to see what the next month brings. For the Empire!

Great report!!! So happy to have a full summit, and to be seeing members taking part in this event. Another congrats to those who have received awards! Keep up the good work everyone!!!

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