[CSP] Proconsul Report # Six


[CSP] Proconsul Report # Six

CSP Proconsul Report Six

The December Proconsul Report is now live! The past month has seen personal ups and downs as we all continue to weather the year 2020. The main item of note is our current event, CSP Sithmas that our intrepid Empress/Consul has put together to keep us busy through the end of the year. Please read on.

Clan Activities – CSP Sithmas!

CSP Sithmas, a traditional event, is upon us. There are a full 10 competitions here, enough of all types to give everyone some things to do. There are graphics, puzzles, fictions, and flash games so all functional areas are presented here. It goes without saying, that as the smallest Clan our numbers are important and showing valid metrics is necessary to bolster our continued operations. Hoping everyone takes part and has a good time.


The following awards have been granted over the past month:

• Mauro received 24 Clusters of Graphite

• Xantros received 1 Cluster of Ice


December is traditionally a rather slow month but our Consul has ensured that we have enough things to do to stay busy and continue to work towards shinies and promos and the like. We have a slate of events and comps geared up for 2021 but let us take pause to reflect on the year and enjoy ourselves as best possible during the Holiday season.

Great report! Do all the things, everyone!!!!! For the shines!

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