[CSP] Proconsul Report - Thanks For The Memories


[CSP] Proconsul Report - Thanks For The Memories

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Citizens & Friends of the Imperial Clan,

I hope all of you are doing well and have enjoyed competing in the RoS. Each and everyone one of you that has participated has been doing an awesome job throughout the event and I'm proud of the numbers I've been seeing shared from the event organizers. While we move into a breather while we anxiously await the results, I want to take this period of transition to announce a change to the clan that I hope will further its development.

With the conclusion of the RoS, I will be stepping down as Proconsul. As many of you are aware, my real life has recently become quite unstable - and this has had a direct impact on my performance as PCON over the course of the last several months. Through the specifics (which I leave out here but please feel free to ask in PM) the entire summit team has been pulling together to give me time to adjust - however, it seems I hadn't gotten the break that I was hoping for. I do want to take the time to thank both Eli and Mune for their patience and understanding over this time as we tried to keep the team together until my RL calmed again. However, there is a point where we have to make a decision for the long-term best interest of the clan and the position I hold and we are at that point. The team has carried me through the RoS but we have bigger and better things planned for the clan coming up and they require someone who is more focused than I will be for the next couple of months. Expect an announcement from Eli shortly as to his plans for the position.

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My Thanks

While I still have the soapbox, I wanted to take a moment to reflect upon my time in CSP and thank all those that have been involved in making my time here such a great experience. There was one thing that brought me to CSP almost two years ago - that was friendship. A single relationship brought me in and that blossomed into an entire web of connections that I hold dearly now. While we fictionally theme ourselves after an imperial remnant, pretend to be soldiers or monks with futuristic weapons, and try to sell ourselves as the “bad guys” in the SW universe; behind every name is a fellow geek getting their nerd on. And I’ve gotten to meet and connect with so many interesting and fantastic people in my time here in CSP. While sometimes we can get caught up in our silos and fictional identities, I want to remind everyone that we first and foremost are a club - a social collaboration on a shared interest. So make sure your first priority is connecting with those around you. The rest of it is all kinda trivial in the grander scheme of things and as I leave I’m not thankful for the fictional titles, digital awards, or additional bytes of information that have been attached to my dossier; but rather I’m thankful for the stories I’ve been able to share with you all.

Thanks for the memories,

I hope life calms down for you soon.

I'm gonna miss you in CSP :( Thank you for being there for everyone. You were a big help.

Hope things get better for you soon, and I'm glad we can still keep in touch :) Best of luck to you

Stay in Touch Raiju. Hope all gets better.

Thank fr the mmrs 🤘

Thank you for everything you've done done for the Clan; you've been a wonderful friend and an exceptional mentor. I do hope things calm down in your real life soon, you know where to find me when you need a friend to talk to. :)

Sorry, Raiju. You've done so much for the Clan and been a boon to many people. I'm glad you came to us back in early 2017 with the desire to be a part of CSP and to help us improve upon the Clan. Be well, my friend.

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