[CSP] Rollmaster Monthly - September 2017 Edition


[CSP] Rollmaster Monthly - September 2017 Edition

Rollmaster Monthly Newsletter

September 2017 Edition

It is that time again. September has come and gone. Thank you everyone for your patience with the CDW judging over the course of this month, my having been on vacation for just over two weeks put a bit of a slow down on getting those graded and awarded, but we got there!

The Autumn/winter Edition of the CDW will be put on hold after the completion of the next couple. They will begin again as of December 1st. This will give a bit of a break after the GJW. I hope everyone is good and hyped for the war, they are always amazing to participate in! So get out there, compete, have fun!

Enjoy this edition of the newsletter! September 2017 Edition

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