[CSP] Rollmaster Report #1 | The New Scholae Buzz


[CSP] Rollmaster Report #1 | The New Scholae Buzz


08:00 Empress’ Chambers Caelestis City, Seraph

Alara stepped into the Empress’ chamber, dressed in a new, earthen-soldier like garb. A crimson cape was draped over her left shoulder and hung behind her, a single, golden braid on top of its threads. The newly formed Battlelord looked into a mirror hanging on the wall with her fire-like, yellow eyes. They flickered with a new sort of confidence.

Ignus Manus… The Time has Come. The voice of the Force echoed within her pointed ears. Her lips curved into a determined smile in response. She continued her walk down the corridor until she came upon the Empress herself, gracefully sipping a Nayaman tea next to her comrade, Mune. They sat upon luscious, purple pillows that were decorated around the largest window of the room.

“Come forward, Alara. We have been expecting your arrival from Ulress.” Empress Elincia Rei called to her and motioned to an empty pillow.

“Thank you, Empress. It is my honour to be in your company. Something I fear I haven’t enjoyed as often as I have wished.” Alara did not sit on a pillow, however, she sat diagonally from both of her superiors by resting gently on her knees before them.

“I’m sure you have been notified of our previous Proconsul’s leave.” Mune looked over to his friend with a furry, toothy grin.

“Yes, Grand Vizier. I am most thankful our Empress has bestowed such a title upon yourself. I enjoy the thought of serving you further with your new title.” Alara spoke politely and smiled toward her friend.

“Which means that our Grand Admiral position remains empty. And you know we cannot have that,” The Empress looked thoughtfully towards the sephi before her, “Can we, Alara?”

“Of course not, Empress. May I be of service to finding such a person?” Alara asked, forbidding herself to smile at the events surrounding her.

“You should have stared at that mirror a little longer, dear.” Elincia smiled to her subject. “Perhaps you would have received more of an inclination that our tea circle is something you’ll be a participant of more often.”

“It would be an honour to serve the clan in such a position.” Alara grasped her lightsaber from her hilt and placed the hilt over her heart as she bowed her head towards her Empress.

“Such sentiment, however, I sense something else is stirring within you. Not just trivial formality.” Elincia Rei stepped up from her pillow and knelt down in front of the former Quaestor. She lifted her red hand elegantly to meet the base of Alara’s chin and raised it to make eye contact with the woman before her. Alara hesitatingly looked up and revealed a further flicker of crimson in her eyes as the Empress peered further.

“Ahh… Yes… I see it now. A stirring of the Force is within you. Leadership has fueled more than just passion for war within your soul.”

Alara said nothing but tried her best not to seem like she knew what her leader would say next.

Elincia smiled, “Though I cannot say I expected this, I think the Force is truly at work and cannot say this was not meant to be. I should have assumed a certain Krath Ewok’s mentorship would make an influence on your inner alignment.” Elincia tapped the curvature in Alara’s chin and turned away to stand, motioning for the shistevanan to stand up as well. Mune did so, without question or hesitation. Alara couldn’t help but join in. Elincia walked towards the hall to the right of her throne and leaned onto the threshold to turn back to her comrades.

“Come, my Summit. We have some planning to discuss. Now that a Seer and a Battlelord are in our midst,” she referred to herself in royal-plural, “we will have to plan accordingly for what the Gray Jedi and the new-found Sith will accomplish together in the times to come.”


Anyways, I made you this too! slinks papers forward

Page One


Page Two


Page Three


Page Four



My Plans as your Rollmaster

Now that I am serving the entirety of the clan and not just House Excidium, there are a few more things I’ve added to my agenda.

As your Excidium Quaestor, I completed most of the Excidium wiki information with the help of the Excidium Summit, aside from a few pictures that are up for project help. I set up a Social Nights Survey intended to serve as a House-wide bonding activity.

Now, as your Rollmaster, I am opening this social nights survey clan-wide. Social nights are a lot of fun when we are able to get more to participate! So don’t forget to check this great resource out <3


There has also been another topic on my agenda that I started long ago but never felt like I could truly get to the bottom of finishing it because of other, higher priority things on the Excidiac agenda.

However, because of this new role and the principles, it stands for, I believe it can now be a higher priority for me to focus on. Thus, I will be focusing on properly defining Master/Apprentice relationships as soon as possible to ensure that people have a better understanding of how to train others, and what to expect from their leaders. That way everyone is on the same page!

Eli, Mune, and I will be focusing on the growth of the clan’s wiki pages. And in doing so, I will be launching a Wiki Development Workshop series to give each and every single one of you a great start to your wiki pages, if they aren’t started already. I don’t know about you, but I’m a freak over our wiki set up. I’ve always been in love with wikis, and I love the DJB wiki more and more each day. I cannot wait to bring you some strategies that have worked for me as well as more opportunities for you to grow your character(s)!


Check These Competitions Out:

I also released a fun, light competition series for you to participate in over the holidays with a fun theme: Nightmare for the Meraxis!


#AskAlara Time!

Kadrol asks... Can I have permission to build a history museum on clan land?

That sounds like a great idea! When we start opening up more cities and land I would definitely look into this :)

He also asks… Who is your favourite Pantoran and why is it Kadrol?

Anyone is my favourite when they do the things! :D Plus, I don’t know any other Pantorans right off. Other than an NPC.*

And… If you could change one thing in our clan instantly and without effort, what would you do?

*This is a tough, and big question. There is only one answer that comes to mind. Part of me wishes that the negative *reputation or rumors towards our clan would be removed, but at the same time I know that every clan has its pros *and cons; truth and rumors. And I think those that are invested enough will find the truth when they need to. The *rest, perhaps believe these rumors because they are meant to. This is turning into a tangent, but the further I *develop my leading career the more I recognize the necessity for hard times to occur in life. Our clan has had it’s *ups and downs, but they shape us into who we are and into how we respect and love one another. And those that *truly didn’t, have come and gone. As much as I’d wish some people to be back, I’m very thankful for those who have *stayed. No matter what. And they, out of all the people I’ve met through this site, are true family. *

So as much as I’d like for rumors and negative connotations to be removed, they keep those unwilling to test the truth out of our way. And partially, that protects us. So, my official answer, would be nothing. Nothing at all. Our experiences, good and bad, make us who we are. If we do not have a past to learn from, we have no future to build.

Reiden asks… Now that you’re RM, can we expect you to throw your first party?

I think that really depends what you mean by party. But just you wait. I’m planning a lot of fun ahead for Alara. Evil smirk

Kadrol asks… Any tips on how to ask a girl out? Asking for a friend…

Ahhh, the IRL questions. Didn’t know I’d be hosting an advice column someday, but I don’t really mind it. So essentially, 1) Be yourself. Plan it out and make it something special for her. Especially if you believe the feeling is mutual. If you don’t feel that the feeling is mutual, make it cute anyways! Present her with a flower, or give her a fancy card. Make it something she can remember always. If you truly wish to be a part of her life, then make it something unforgettable.

Kadrol asks about Milo… When did you get your kitty? What type is he? How old? Can you give us 100000000 pics of cute things he has done?

So Milo was a farm cat that I rescued. A friend I had met through facebook found him nearby, and offered him to a good home. I couldn’t resist how darling he was, so behind my husband’s back, I arranged a pick up. (I knew he’d eventually be okay with it, but I wouldn’t recommend anyone doing this.) I’m not sure his type… but he looks like a little Siberian Tiger. Perhaps Ras can give me some insight in the comments? We don’t know of his age for sure, but I know that when I received him he was too young to be away from home just yet. I post pictures frequently on my instagram and Facebook. Check me out @mayer_of_her_domain .


So Basically…

  • New members! Yay!
  • New promotions! Yay Yay!
  • Social Nights Survey … DO IT -plz-
  • Master/Apprentice Guide TBR
  • Wiki Page Workshop TBR
  • Lotsa comps

That’s all for now!


Awesome report, and awesome newsletter. Congrats on the new role!

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