CSP Rollmaster report #6


CSP Rollmaster report #6


Happy Holidays Everyone!***

The year is starting to come to an end. Big things have happened this year for our Clan. I'm proud of where we have been and where we have ended. Leadership across the board has stepped up and we have seen many promotions over the year. I'm impressed with everyone's dedication and I look forward to the new year. Keep doing great things Scholae and have fun!

RM's Corner

So I did finally see the movie. Obviously no spoilers, but it was impressive. I'm also looking to run a new competition. Does anyone want a different type of competition, or are the mobile gaming competitions fine? I'm all ears. Reach out to me and let me know what I can do to increase your fun!


CSP Imperial Broadcasting network

Top promotions this month saw many promotions Congrats are in order to Battlemaster Eetherbiail, Commander Fenn, Warrior Calindra, Warrior Delak Krennel, Warrior Jorm, Mystic Dek Rott, Mystic Ulfsark, Privateer Chrome, Knight Kyo Akumu, and Novice Dusk Starkiller! Great work everyone!

I would like to give a big welcome to recent transfers to the Clan this month; Warlord Thran Occasus-Palpatine, Apprentice Raja, Apprentice Dusk, Apprentice Mav'Ryk, and Apprentice Baal Diablos. We know you will enjoy it here. If you need any help I'm just an email away.


I know it has been a very busy month for many of us. Just take time to really sit back and enjoy it all. Family, friends, gaming, and of course all the food. If you find some free time, have some fun here with us. Until next time Scholae! -Cruise

Great report sir; short and sweet!

Promo's all round. It has been a busy month and a great end to the year for us I think. Drinks are on Lexiconus ;)

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