[CSP] Special Report: "All Good Things..."


[CSP] Special Report: "All Good Things..."



Welcome to this month’s Consul report where we discuss Pro Bowl results and a big announcement is made.

Pro Bowl

So, this report is gonna be a bit different, and I thought I’d skip the news and jump into the results from the recent Pro Bowl. First, I’d like to extend a thank you to Slagar for letting me be a part of this experience and for the work he put into it. I also would like to thank Korvis and Bentre for being amazing co-hosts.

Now onto the fun stuff! As you all know, Thran led the Rotworms to victory over Kamjin's Frog-Dogs while he earned his way as the top scorer for the Pro Bowl overall. Along with him were four other CSPers who made it to the top ten. A big round of applause to Kamjin (3rd), Raleien (5th), Archangel (6th), and our one and only favorite “No-nose Duros” Xantros (8th). A big congratulations to you all!

As to individual scores for those who participated, they can be found located below:


That’s not all. CSP had a total of 237 entries out of the overall 667! Well done, CSP! Very well done!

Awards and Recognition

Now, of course, we have some individuals who received some awards and promotions after the Pro Bowl that must be recognized. Congrats to...

  • Raleien Sonavarret for receiving a Grand Cross and for his promotion to Equite 1: Major!
  • Rayne for her promotion to Equite 3: Battlelord! (Woo! So proud of you, master!)
  • Xantros for receiving an Amethyst Kukri
  • Thran Occasus-Palpatine for receiving a Grand Cross
  • Reiden Palpatine Karr for receiving a Steel Cross
  • Archangel Palpatine for receiving a Dark Cross
  • Ric Hunter for receiving a Dark Cross
  • Xathia Edraven for receiving a Dark Cross
  • Sykes Jade for receiving a Dark Cross
  • Eilana Kilaeon for receiving a Dark Cross
  • Kadrol Hauen for receiving a Dark Cross
  • Czarnian for receiving a Dark Cross
  • Kah’ri Marru for receiving a Dark Cross

I believe that is everyone. A huge congrats to you all! Thank you for all you do, and for all you will continue to do! And before anyone tells me I’ve forgotten, please also welcome Czarnian to the family! We are very happy to have you with us, Czarnian.

All Good Things...

Now, as to the announcement. It is with bittersweetness that I inform you all that I will be stepping down as Consul and Empress of Clan Scholae Palatinae. I know this may be a bit of a surprise to those I hadn’t already informed earlier, but I’ve decided my term should conclude. The decision was made earlier this Summer, but I didn’t wish to step down until after the Pro Bowl. Goodness, what a great decision it was to wait.

As to the reason why. As I’ve informed the Summit, a lot has been going on in my life that has impacted me negatively in many ways. As someone who only wants the best for her family and Clan, I have thought it best to leave the throne for the Clan’s sake and to have some more time for me to focus on myself. I want CSP to thrive and continue to grow, and I think a new CON will ensure that happens.

With this, however, I’d love to give thanks to current and past summit members for all they’ve done. Thank you to Mune for encouraging me. Thank you to Dek who has been the longest serving Summit member with me. When it was just him and me running the clan for a while, Dek was phenomenal in coming up with ideas and helping me to keep the boat a’float during my first year. Thank you to Mauro and Sykes for being the amazing PCON and RM that you were to help me get CSP back on its feet. You both provided great advice and engaged with the clan the best you could. Thank you to Xantros who was with me as well, and though life took you away for a bit, it was still a pleasure to work with you and to have your experience. Thank you to Reiden, for being a blazing example as both RM and a fellow member. You have always been there to encourage not just the clan, but me as well when I’ve needed it. Thank you to Raleien, for his active role in the Summit and as HAD’s Quaestor. Even as a recent part of the Summit, you have been on fire engaging members and pushing for improvement in the clan. Last, but not least, I wish to thank Kamjin. You’ve been there for me even before you were PCON, and you have offered me great advice as a leader and for RL things. You’ve helped me to see leadership with a new perspective thanks to your experience. What’s more, you've always reminded me to stay true to myself. I am very grateful to have worked with you.

I’d also like to give thanks to non-Summit members. To Rasilvenaira for your experience and stories of times past, and for your encouragement during times of discouragement. Thank you, Ric Hunter for encouraging me to aim high and for having faith in me. Thank you, to even Korras for doing the same, and offering me your experience through advice during your time with us. Thank you to the best and only master, Rayne, for all you did ever since I joined CSP years ago. You never stopped encouraging me, and you always did what you could to see me grow. I’d like to say thank you to Eetherbiail who invited me to be his Sergeant for Battle Team Caliburnus where I could learn and start serving members. I still haven’t seen Back to the Future yet, so...forgive me! Thank you also to Horus for all the laughs in JA, your input and encouragement, and for all the Big Man jokes shared. Thank you to Evant and Eli who both encouraged me to apply for CON (despite this elf not having been PCON before), and for encouraging me to aim high.

Last, but not least, I want to thank the members of the former Battle Team Tacitus Athanasius. Kylex, Katyusha, Brandon Tarsus (Mr. Ghost), Derek, and others. You showed me the importance of what it means to take care of a family in the brotherhood. From all the laughs, the hard times, and encouragement we shared, you guys made me extremely proud as your Battle Team Leader, and you showed me that it’s the members that make a unit/family great. And this goes for my Summit as well. And as someone recently just told me, it’s more than what a leader does that makes a good leader. It’s also the team that they build. It’s the team that works together that makes the clan great in addition to all the other members. After all, CSP is just one big team and family.

And to the rest of CSP. Thank you. Thank you for the opportunity of letting me serve as your CON. It has been a great honor and privilege. As to what I will be doing now? Well, I’ll be taking a month off from DJB stuff to refocus and rest. That, and maybe planning ways to sabotage Odan-Urr (For Cocytus!). Don’t worry, I’ll still be around to chat on Discord, even if it means Xathia will continue trying to burn my pants. Once that month is over, I’ll be back in action ready to serve both the Clan and my old House, Caliburnus, as a fellow member.

What does this mean storywise? What will happen to Shadow? Well, hopefully, that will all be revealed very soon. As to who shall take over in my place? I’ll let Evant give the news.

Again, thank you everyone for all you’ve done for the Clan. Never forget, it’s all of you who make CSP shine while the CON and their Summit serve, guide, and work with you all the same. After how much we've grown together, especially after all we accomplished during the recent RoS and Pro Bowl, you've definitely proven that CSP is still an amazing Clan, and once again, I'm am very proud to be a part of it.

Thank you for being part of this amazing journey with me. As much as it matters where we go, it's how we all get there together that matters the most.

As always, stay GOLD everyone. Stay you.

For the Empire!


I know we’ve talked about this day for quite a while it’s still sad for it to arrive. May your journey continue to bring you happiness and wisdom. No matter where your travels take you, your home will always be here.

Thank you Shadow for all you’ve done for the Clan. You’ve done well and we all appreciate everything you have done for us. Rest easy and we look forward to your return!

You were the least insane Consul of CSP I have ever had the pleasure of serving with. Thank you for your hard work and dedication!

Thank you so much for everything you've done, Shadow. You've been a great boss and it's been such a pleasure to see your amazing journey from the shy new member to the incredible Consul you became. I'm glad we were able to work together these last 7 months, it's been a great time. I'm sad to see you step down, even though I knew it was coming, but you can do so knowing that you made this clan a better place during your tenure, and we'll keep working hard to ensure it remains that way.

Thank you, Shadow. For leading us to glory again when we needed it. Thank you for your dedication and compassion. Take your rest and enjoy it. (You can have a sock, dobby) Just come back to us! Don't you run off like we lost Eether! xD

For the Empire!

Job well done, Shadow. Enjoy retirement.

Great work on the Pro Bowl, it's always good to go out on a high note. Thanks for all of your time and effort, Shadow!

Well done in the Pro Bowl CSP! You guys really gave us a run for our money.

Thank you for leading the clan and for all that you have done for us. I would like to add my personal thanks to this as well. If it wasn't for Shadow, I never would have known about or joined this group. So I hope that as you move forward in life, things turn around, and happier times start anew and prevail for a long time.

I am sad now... It seems like only yesterday we were Orange Iguanas... You were an amazing CON and I feel very happy that I was able to help when and where I could with what I could. Thank you so much!

Thanks for bringing me on board and for your leadership, Shadow. CSP is forever your home.

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