Dark Forge Newsletter #3 - Smelted to Purity


Dark Forge Newsletter #3 - Smelted to Purity


Arcona Citadel, Throne Room.

A calm and collective aura filled the Arcona throne room, it was an emotion not known in recent times as the civil war progressed. Precious lives were lost, memories of paradise were stolen and the innocent were laid bare. Overall the dark and hardline faction of the Arconae thwarted the Quaestor stand for leadership at almost every turn. There was a sense in the Force of their incoming assault on the throne room, and the plan of defence to hold this area long enough for the leaders to return.

Lexiconus, the loyal Battle Team Leader, the young and inexperienced, the rising star stood his ground. He knew his place was right next to the letter of the law and he wanted justice delivered. He stood firmly on the spot with his Seraph hilt in hand, next to the most influential man in his lifetime. The Quaestor of Qel-Droma, his master. Together they fought and trained side-by-side, out in the fields of Selen, hidden in darkness of Estle City or sometimes in the Arcona Citadel itself. Together they grew into great leaders and it was here today that they wished to stand and fight together. Whether it was to their doom or victory depended entirely on the opposition. Nikola and Cethgus were the first to slowly step forward and look at the soundproof doors. Their ears far more tuned than ours could detect the crunching of bones, the squelching of brain matter and the shrieks of their soldiers. When the doors opened to the enemy, their lightsabers were already lit. Lexic’s soon followed, held tightly in his shaking hand.

Arcona Citadel, Estle City.

The Arconae marched down the main hall, each with a look of defiance on their faces, a bold disobedience to the House Quaestors and their supporters. Timeros lead the way, lightsaber ignited and bloodied from earlier encounters. Behind the dozen or so bladed Dark Jedi lay hundreds of dead regular soldiers, a result of the failure of the Clan. A cleanse was needed.

Timeros stopped in his tracks, dead ahead of him were four more soldiers, they were trapped. The only way out was through the numerous Dark Jedi ahead of them or back through the barricaded doors of the throne room.

“Teroch, once we enter the room, you and I will eliminate the Quaestors,” the Arconae paused for a few moments, sensing fear in the soldiers ahead of them, “the rest of you can clean up any other mess you come across.”

The guards of the door continued to aim their blaster rifles at the crowd, Meleu had enough of his time wasted already. Without hesitation, the loyal servant of Arcona reached out in front of him with his left hand, using the Force to manipulate the space ahead of him. He pulled one of the soldiers towards him, and just as the soldier was about to knock the Knight over, the Sith thrust his red-bladed hilt through the heart of the man, bringing his life to an end.

Timeros looked over towards the young Sith, a mixture of confusion and satisfaction etched on the Adept’s face.

“I guess that sped up proceedings.” The Elder noted. He watched Meleu as kicked the lifeless body off his saber. His tone changed into a more eager one.” Let’s get this over and done with then, follow me!”

The Arconae charged ahead, saber in hand towards the now terrified soldiers a dozen or so meters ahead of them. Teroch, Meleu and the countless other supporters followed suited. Timeros once again held out his left hand as he zipped towards the throne room doors, already able to sense fear in the room.

Before any blaster bolts even left their rifles, Timeros used to Force to his benefit, pushing a wave of kinetic energy towards the three guardsmen. The blast struck all three, sending them flying back towards the towering door. As they hit, the sheer energy behind the blow caught the doors to cave in, leaving them weakened and vulnerable. What was left of the guards flew straight into the centre of the room, skidding along the floor until their bodies were crushed against the central stairs that adorned the room.

The legendary Elder once again stopped in his tracks, a look of determination marked his face. As he called for his second hilt using the Force, the rest of the revolutionaries poured into the room, circling the Quaestors and their supporters.

Arcona Citadel, Throne Room.

Slowly walking out from behind the Elder was none other than the mysterious Human, Saskia. She twisted and flipped her lightsaber hilt around in the air as she whistled. Whipping and gripping the silver hilt, she finally stopped in front of the Elder and glared her hazel eyes across the room, which latched quite easily upon the sea blue face of Lexic. Within a split second, she sparked the white blade to life and gripped the hilt tightly. A snarl became on her face as she heels gripped the floor like anchors. Her goal was simple; to annihilate the opposition and claim her glory. Failure was never an option and here she had already calculated her victory; to wipe out the Galeres Quaestor forever and take his place. The silence of time ticked away, she awaited for her glory or her fall with anticipation.

Hello guys, and welcome to another round of updates and glory from your friendly Battle Team Dark Forge! Here we will talk about some recent changes in the team, as well as updates on special areas and what to expect in the future. Here are some sneak peaks:

Pontifex Ood
Figurehead Finale
DF Wiki
Clan Rewards

Pontifex Ood

The legend of the Shadow Academy has finally done it! He has hit the paramount and soared like an eagle. After eleven hard years in the DJB, over five more years in the Shadow Academy and racking prestige points like nobody’s business, Ood has clasped the greatest title an Equite can achieve. He was promoted to EQ4 Krath Pontifex shortly after grading his one thousandth exam. That’s a number you only see in word counts or clusters! We as a clan, are a nation of friends, family and respected members and Ood reached his title full of wisdom, honour and entertainment. Mr. Bnar, on behalf of the Dark Forge members, I revere you.

Figurehead Finale

As the major Clan even Operation: Figurehead is drawing to a close, the rebel alliance of Arconae is ploughing through the Quaestor support like a boar with purpose. Their hard working efforts and creative submissions have given them their deserved rewards in the shape of little crescents! Congratulations to everyone who stood on the podiums and I look forward to seeing you across the throne room in the final battle, or standing by my side against impossible odds. So far we have saw Meleu gaining third place in the Week 2 Flash Game, which is a great effort.

DF Wiki

Not much to say about the Wiki on behalf of change. I uploaded our third and final award, the Star of Lord Kressh. Check it out, it’s really cool, really swish, I like it! I have also uploaded the departments of the Dark Forge that have their purposes listed, their specialties and their uses in the Clan as a whole. If you apply to a position and succeed you can include your office or station inside your wiki fictions or ACB if you desire. At the present time we are jumping from base to base, but I am currently in the market to gaining a very defensive and infallible station that will bring the Dark Forge name into horror stories, that is a promise guys!

Clan Rewards

Just a small reminder about the MAA Competition, considering that Clan Taldrya is leading we need to step up a gear and show them what Arcona does best! We need to rally the backbone of this Clan and take the fight to them. Because of those inspiring words by Alaris we need to understand that rivalry is healthy, that we must do everything we can to keep up resistance otherwise this place would be a boring site. As an Arconan, I want to win! And so should you.


Not much has went one since my last report, just did some catching up on the recent SA changes like this and that. Try your best to get these degrees guys, and above all have fun!


  • Ood Bnar to EQ4!

Shadow Academy

  • Lexiconus has gained Dark Maven - Lore!
  • Lexiconus has gained Dark Savent - History & Lore!
  • Lexiconus has elavated from V Senior to VI Super Senior!


Oh, there was something about some Togruta gaining 290 CF’s in one week but thats not news, right? I would like to remind you all that the UK University terms start soon 1st Sept to 16th Sept and as a result I will be moving out on the 6th and into my new apartment. It’s the same as the old one, just with a different view and holding a Zoology student. I’ll snap some pictures from Blackpool Zoo for you while i’m there too! Thanks for your time

Lead By Example #Tigerblood

DJK Lexiconus (Krath) / BTL-REC / Battle Team Dark Forge of House Galeres of Clan Arcona [GMRG: IV] [SA: VI] [ACC: Q]


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