Dark Forge Newsletter #7 - Blunted, Bent & Bloody


Dark Forge Newsletter #7 - Blunted, Bent & Bloody


Greetings guys, i’m going to leave this one short because we are out of this world for the next four days. That’s right people, Fading Light: Part 3 is concluding! The members of the Dark Brotherhood have jumped into their military ships and darted across the galaxy. Chasing traitors, hacking encryptions, scouring reports and scribing break-ins. All on Nicht Ka. From the look of the wiki, the entire outside is a No man’s land, filled with toxic gases and ammonia rainfall. Certainly a place you wouldn’t wish your enemy to die on. But we most certainly do! So if you can, give nothing short of your fullest attention because we all intend to bring one sole factor to this club; fun.


This basically shows currently how many members each unit has, and how much they're offering. Not much singularly, but combined we make racketeering work of this FL3. Let's push the final stand!

Fading Light: Nicht Ka

Operation: Revival

This will begin to continue once more after FL3 has finished and it will definitely pick up. Sitting on a measly 50 posts isn’t good enough for us Galereans! We want the full centurian to appear. Hopefully a female with zero modesty, but that’s not for me to decide! (Looking at you, blindy)

Shadow Academy

Ood Bnar has received a Dark Sage in Law. First time I've ever seen someone grab this solid obstacle.


Meleu has received a Seal of the Crusader

Personal Note

News just in that i’ve gotten a new student! (This chump with a student?) She is fiery in the fictional world, i’ve read pages of her work with Star Trek, which isn’t the same I know but it’s still organised chaos. Don’t be afraid to greet Scarlet when she’s in #arcona or #db, because she really is something unique.

AWOL Warning!

I have recently received on the 25th October that Kyrun has not signed into DJB for the last two months. Guys, we know we need this dude. Numbers are not just our backbone, it’s what makes Arcona great. He might be feeling down, clouded with work or just lost. So if anyone knows Kyrun, please send a message and ask if he can join us again, we’d greatly appreciate it.

Lead By Example #Tigerblood

DJK Lexiconus (Krath) / BTL-REC / Battle Team Dark Forge of House Galeres of Clan Arcona [GMRG: IV] [SA: VI] [ACC: Q]

Hell yeah to my fellow Praetor on the Sage!

Nice stuff, Lex. :)

I actually really enjoyed reading this report... which I read because I was drawn to the fancy chart. I love charts... good luck in FL3.

That graph made this report 20% cooler ;)

It's true. Get your learning here, ladies and gents!

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