Deputy Grand Master: Report 2


Deputy Grand Master: Report 2

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Greetings everyone! Welcome to my second report as your Deputy Grand Master! I hope everyone is enjoying the final round of Fading Light and taking advantage of this round's puzzle and trivia events. Those two are pretty hard and anyone that completes them deserves a pat on the back. Remember, you have until 2 November (my b-day, no big deal) to complete your submissions.

This report will include updates on:

  • Tribune: Recruitment Selection
  • Report Writing Winners: Round 1
  • Halloween Costume Competition
  • Fading Light: Sportsmanship
  • Congratulations
  • Conclusion


Tribune: Recruitment

Muz and I place a very high value on the position of Recruitment Tribune. We always talk about how we will improve our outreach during the next big movie, big game, or big Star Wars event, but it never quite comes off as we would have hoped. The growing reach of various forms of social media offers our club an opportunity to extend its outreach and we have decided to trust this venture in the hands of the venerable Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor. Yacks is a pro (no joke) at the social media scene and submitted an excellent application that detailed his plans for helping our club move into the 20teens and out of the 1990s. Everyone congratulate Yacks and take the opportunity to jump on his staff and support our club!

Report Writing Competition Winners

I am running two competitions to continously award our best Individual Unit and Dark Council report writers. This week's awards went to Bubba for his last SA report and Turel for his awesome AED report. Remember, these awards will be going out continuously and highlight our leaders for going above the standard!

Halloween Costume Competition

A lot of you know this already, but I love Halloween. I have a full set of Mando Armor and a very nice set of Master Replica weapons that come out every Halloween. My wife has been known to dress up as Princess Leia (Hair Honeybuns, not slave, pervs) or Asajj Ventress. My kids are always Vader/Chewie/Yoda/Whatever. Well, this year I'd like to see what our members dress up as. Submit photos of your Star Wars (must be star wars) Halloween costume and win a crescent! Your photos can be you or your kid, although I'll give special bonus points to actual DJB members who dress up.

Competition URL:

Fading Light: Sportsmanship

Fading Light Round 3 is designed to allow everyone to do varied events and have a good time. The events, gaming in particular, have a competitive edge that can sometimes bring out the worst in people. Val, Muz, and I have received several "complaints" that are borderline silly. I ask everyone to avoid dodging matches, avoid calling people match dodgers when they have to go to the bathroom, and to be civil. Thanks.


  1. Halc and Howie for winning last week's GM Trivia.
  2. A'lora on his promotion to Consular Chronicle (wtf...horrible rank name).
  3. Kor Vaal to Dark Jedi Knight!
  4. John "Dragoon" Witwalker on OT!
  5. Aiden Dru on SW!

Great work everyone on your ranks and accomplishments!


The participation in FL3 has been outstanding so far and I wanted to thank everyone for their efforts. We have 87 submissions in the puzzle event, 70 in the trivia event, and 61 individual submissions in gaming. Not too shabby. We still have time before the end of the event and I'm hoping to see the fiction event top 100, as it has in previous DC events.

One thing that I noticed from the Trivia event is that it is damn hard to keep track of everything that has happened in the DC and FL. I'm going to publish and executive summary of the story so far to bring all our members back up to date. This executive summary will also come with a package of Dark Council character updates. Evidently someone on the Dark Council is a traitor and I figured it might be nice for our club to gain some insight on what the DC is up to.

Beyond that, I'm keeping a nerdy eye on Star Wars Episode 7 spoilers, Destiny, Diablo 3, and the upcoming Dragon Age Inquisition. Our DJB Destiny Raid team has crushed the end game raid several times now and we have a solid core of 10 players on nightly. Not too bad for a non Star Wars game. Diablo continues to keep and gain everyone's interest and the DB has a very active community there. It was nice to see that Rax and Monty finally topped me as the DJB's paragon leader. Lastly, Dragon Age is coming and it will be awesome. See everyone there.

As always, I'm available to you at any time via mirc/email/gchat/whatsapp ect. Have a great weekend!

Great report! Congrats to all the promotions and Yacks on the new Tribune.

Councillor Chronicle is a terrible rank name. I vote we change it :p

Congrats, Yacks. May God have mercy on your soul.

Obligatory report congratulatory comment for Yacks.

Congrats Yacks

Congrats Yacks, check your email for a little "care package" :P

Chronicler, technically, still terrible. :P

Grats to Yacks!

Poor poor Yacko.

Aren't you missing 3 weeks of report winners, considering that it's weekly and it began a month ago? :P

Also, congratulations Yacko I guess.

I preferred the rank name "Seer." Chronicler is much less interesting. :P

The lightie equite ranks in general need re-working. Some of the Guardian ranks are awful.

^ so much this.

They could just return to using dark side ranks, followed by a return of the obbie ones to their proper names :P

Malik, I'll only award reports when I view them as above and beyond. So to answer your question, no. But thanks for the spot check, I appreciate your dedication to keeping is all honest.

Us ^

Congrats, Yacks!

Fair enough Sarin, the wording of the competition just made it sound differently.

So no Civ:Beyond Earth playing yet sir? :)

Yay, I have a birthday buddy! Also, sorry to hear a little more of your social life has been taken away Yacks

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