[DGM] Report #1 - Short Change Hero


[DGM] Report #1 - Short Change Hero


Hello all!

Welcome to my first report as Deputy Grand Master. I’ll keep it short and sweet with tl:dr worthy text, but first I’d like to thank Mav for his vote of confidence, as well as Pravus for his years of service as GM.

Now that the pleasantries are out of the way, onto the topics at hand.

Incoming! Projects, development and ideas

I’d like to talk a bit about short-term and long-term plans at the moment, or at least the ones I’ve nailed down with Mav that are noteworthy

GJW Award skins

To me, personally, the elephant in the room.

I’d like to give COU, Arcona and CSP some much needed info on the development of these because I feel I owe you guys a bit of an explanation.

These are being worked on at the moment and are my priority next to the Society stuff. The weapons have been completed, I’m just working on the robes to get them done by next week. I apologize to anyone who was hyped about the quick release of GJW skins, however projects and bad luck seemed to pile after the War and it still hasn’t subsided.

Still, expect an update and release of the skins some time next week. #scoutshonor

Shroud (Graphics) Society and GMRG graphics update

Everyone knows the Graphics Society is coming. Well so is an update to the GMRG. The Herald staff has been hard at work drawing new skins for the GMRG that will bring the it in line with the other Societies. This move was not without forethought and it wasn’t “just about pretty pictures”. New Possessions updates necessitated a change to the way GMRG is handled as far as reward skins per rank.

The new renk Skins will include, among others, the Praetorian armor and the new weapons from last jedi. More on these as they are developed and, likely, when they are released mid-March.

The Shroud Society has become, for lack of better words, my rock that I push up the hill like Sisyphus — as soon as I came close to its release, it was pushed further away. One step forward, two back.

However, finally, it’s being released. It was my dream project since I became Herald almost three years ago and many people have helped and worked on it — Rian, Slagar, Landon, Zehsaa, Jasper, Ozosi, Arcia (Esca) and many more. I thank them all, especially Esca, for helping me make it a reality.

Still, there’s more work to be done so until we get it all sorted and released, I’m not breathing that sigh of relief. Stay tuned for more info soon.

Fictional direction post-War and Clan reintegration with the DC

A very big topic I’ll be working on in collaboration with the Voice and GM is the fictional direction for the DB in the future. Certainly, as Mav stated before, the Collective will remain the main antagonist and we’ll continue to develop that further. It’s here to stay, so we’ll have to work around that premise and develop a sensible story that members can engage and enjoy.

With the new GM a new era comes and, hopefully, we can move away from the rebellion plot and onto new pastures. The past three years were harsh as far as fiction is concerned and sparked many controversies due to the necessary changes because of OOC events. What we are looking for is a more stable, united front with the DC and all Clans against external threats (with inter-Clan intrigue and conflicts, as always).

That said we’ll be discussing ideas for the transitional period with all Consuls to make the transition have the most sense. For anyone that’s worried we’ll exclude certain orders or ignore them, we won’t. We’re looking to strike a balance that all order archetypes can relate to (if not all characters personally). For now I only have vague info like this to share, but I wanted to put this out so folks know it’s being worked on. If anyone has questions or ideas you can find me on TG or mail. Feel free to contact me.

Ask the DGM #1

Beardhulk asks: #AskVyr How's the chair in the DGM's office?

I made a new one. It’s like mink fur.

Turel asks: #askVyr If you could pick one thing from your tenure on the Dark Council you'd go back and do differently what would it be and why?

Honestly I don’t think I would change anything. Despite hiccups along the way, I probably wouldn’t be where I am without my decisions as Herald.

Korras asks: #askvyr what do you plan to achieve first?

Shroud Society and GMRG update, honestly.

Arch: #AskVyr We've heard a good deal about Mav's plans and ideas. Do you have any focuses or pet projects we haven't heard about yet?

Not really, no. I’m sure more will come up as I carry on but at the moment, no. Stay tuned.

Mark asks: #AskVyr So with your elevation to the DGM spot as Morgan, will we be seeing Vyr (author’s note: *Vorsa) in an antagonistic role?

That depends on how much time I invest into personal fiction. So far it hasn't been much, so I’m not seeing how that will change much. We’ll see, though. She may yet become a key player, if anything for COU.

Dek asks: #askvyr 1. Any chance Vyr (author’s note: *Vorsa) will make a comeback? 2. The DGM position hasn't always been or seemed clearly defined. With that said, what do you think of your own position and what would you like to bring to it?

  1. Morgan will hold the position, if that was your question. Otherwise, see above. 2. It’s like that for a reason. DC members are chosen for specific skills, however the DGM has to be a jack of all trades despite their strengths and weaknesses. Basically i will fill in any role Mav doesn’t feel comfortable doing. DGMs are chosen to compliment their GMs for the most part, at least it’s like that in this case.

Len asks: #AskVyr what are you and Mav looking for in a Herald application?

Mav answered this in his address to the members. Me personally? They’ll have to step up what we’ve done so far. There has to be clear progress. There’s no easy mode for the Herald.

Atty asks: #AskVyr what's next for Morgan fictionally? What's she thinking as she leaves the matron for DGM? What's her goal?

At first? “I’m dead.” because I don’t think she’d be told via holocall so she’d have to face Telaris for the announcement. After that? Relief she’s still alive and worry as to what to do now. Also, maybe a renewed faith in her original mission as Herald? I dunno, we’ll see.

Give the Star wars licence to CDPR

Esca asks: #AskVyr - C'ree forgot some things on the Matron. Can that just be shoved into a storage closet somewhere, or is Morgan gonna take care of it for her?

They’re displayed in Morgan’s quarters, most likely, and taken care of.

Sariel asks: #AskVyr how will you work with members and leaders alike to ensure things like a Clan closing don’t happen? What, in your mind, needs to be fixed within the club to see new Clans open? How do you intend to fix what needs to be fixed?

For one, there needs to be a willingness from leaders and members alike to engage with the content the DB provides, but it’s mostly up to the leaders to present that content. It’s on a case to case basis for each Clan, mostly because Clan cultures are so diverse, so i don’t have a clear answer for you. As things come along, I’ll engage in constructive discussions with Clan leaders. For the second part, well it’s pretty obvious we need more members. Hopefully the social media tribune spot gives us some much needed exposure. Again, it’s one of those “we’ll have to think on it and come up with solutions” because there’s no one thing that can fix these issues and they're connected in a complex weave. It’s something we’ll have to struggle with a lot and we intend to.

Sariel asks again: #AskVyr will new traditions, orders, and paths be opening up?

We haven’t really talked about it yet. Stay tuned.

Blade asks: #AskVyr How do you plan to make DGM special to you, put another way Vyr's flavor of DGM?

We’ll see eventually. Thus far I have no plans and I’m not thinking about it. My plan is to work on the DB, whether that effect is positive only time will tell.

Important question I forgot to ask: what are you doing to make Mav update his CS?

We're working on a solution to that issue. Once we have more information, we will contact you.

Best of luck as you find your version of DGM. Excited to see what comes next!

Woot. Such Report. Much excite. Wow.

Look forward to seeing what all you bring to the position!

Congrats on the new role V'yr, looking forward to seeing your impact. And nice song choice!


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