DGM Report:"May the 4th be with you" winner!


DGM Report:"May the 4th be with you" winner!


Greetings programs!

Let's not dilly-dally, shall we? You all know why you're here.

Winner of the May the 4th competition

This year's May the 4th comps attracted a total of 86 participants which is an excellent showing. Plenty of those were also excellent entries, but unfortunately (or fortunately if that's how you look at it) there can be only one! And this year that's:

Turel Sorenn

Congratulations! Turel won the event by 4 points, snatching the robes from Satsi Tameike who won 45 points total. The next runner up was Archenksov with 21 points.

Excellent work all, and remember, there's always next year!

@Turel, we'll contact you soon!

It's been a long road...now it's time I disappear!

With that said, I'd like to announce my resignation from DGM effective today.

The reasons for doing this are plentiful (RL, job, burnout after 4+ years on extremely active DC duty) but I won't dwell on those. I'd like to thank every single member who helped me with my work to make the Club better and leave it in a much better place than it was before I took the positions. I think that has been achieved. We've had bumps and scrapes along the way, but nothing good comes without a bit of resistance and challenge.

I hope I when I had talked and interacted with all of you I was as respectful and truthful as I wanted to be and I hope you take away the best we accomplished together and leave the worst behind.

Thanks to every one of you for making this Club worth building and working on.

And as I came into my position of Herald 4 years ago with Metallica, it's time to say goodbye with equal energy!

Featured (appropriate) song: "Metallica - I Disappear"

Congrats and thanks to everyone who participated!

Also, to Vyr-

Thanks for your friendship and hard work over the past 31 months that i have been on the DC. You're a damn rockstar and you should be proud of everything you accomplished.

Now your watch has ended.

And now his watch has ended. Thanks Vyr!

And Congrats Turel!

Thanks for all the time you've given us, Vyr!

Vyr, it's been great watching you grow from a baby Herald into a badass DGM. Good luck with whatever comes next, but please don't be a stranger! Someone has to keep Mav in line when the panda is napping.

grats turel

l8rz vyr

Thank you for everything, Vyr. o/

Congrats to all the May the 4th participants!

Vyr, you've mentored me since I first joined the club. Few have done so much for so many in such a short period of time. Take a well-earned rest my friend!

Vyr, you've been fantastic. Thank you for all the hard work you put into this club. Get some rest - you earned it.

Pooks will always be best pooks. Rest now and know how much you shaped and did and can still do, here or out there. Be proud.

Was very nice talking to you during my first few Magistrate of the Herald days. Will you be going for good once the fiction and other tasks you’re working on are done?

Also congratulations to Turel!

@Alaisy: I'll be around and active, just less so as I figure things out.

Thanks everyone for the kind words. :)

Congrats Turel :) You earned it!

Congrats Turel!

Sorry to see you go, Vyr. Thank you for your service.

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