Dinaari Quaestor Report: Triple threat promotion


Dinaari Quaestor Report: Triple threat promotion


People, friends, brothers

The past week has been one of the most massive in our recent history. Many people come and go, but those that remain with us have always set a benchmark for excellence. There is no bigger example of this than Taldryan’s OFH, without whom the Brotherhood as it exists today would probably never have been. With pride and happiness, I would like to single out and thank no less than three of our incredible members that have risen through the ranks and have bright futures in our community.

Nero, little Nero. I kind of see you like that obnoxious little brother that mom tells you to hang out with and share stuff with glares at Yacko. But you’re one of my confidants and constant companions as we fight to make Taldryan an enjoyable experience for all those that call it home. Congratulations on becoming a Brobelisk Templar, it’s true and well deserved.

Ondur, after coming back home you have shown an everlasting interest and drive to grow and see Taldryan prosper. Versatile and willing to compete in just about any platform, no matter how easy or difficult it may be. Your star is bright and you will go far if you keep doing what you have been doing so far. Congratulations on being Knighted and receiving your real lightsaber. Wield it with pride! Aside from a promotion, Ondur has also received a Dark Cross for kicking ass!

Kooks, next to your master Armags one of our resident gaming powerhouses. Congratulations on hitting Jedi Hunter. The road to Dark Jedi Knight is a long and arduous one, but you will get there in no time if you keep on pushing like you are doing.

Congratulations to all three of you!!

Harbinger Prime

Mav has taken it upon himself to select the next battleteam leader for the Harbingers due to my prolonged absence (more on that below btw). Armags stood out among the candidates and has been handed the reigns for the next turn. There's a lot I could say and try to predict about how he'll do things for you little Harbinger people, but I won't spoil the surprises. Be prepared to bring your A-game all the time though ;)

New Arrival

Please join me in welcoming the newest Dinaarian, Kmk513.


Dark Crusade: Fading Light

The first round of the Fading Light ACC-chapter has been completed with the second round kicking off in a few hours (keep your eyes on the news page for more info, I assume). The majority of Taldryan was on bye/seeded so there will be some interesting battles going on this round! Good luck and god speed to us all.


  • Tarax vs Furious
  • Cethgus vs Rathus
  • Ondur vs Saskia
  • Shirai vs Aidan "Shad" Kincaid
  • Arvalis vs Tra'an

Our brothers over in Ekky also have some battles to fight, and let's not forget the members of our clan summit.


Competitions galore!!

There’s some competitions going on that you can enter in between your ACC posts. If you are in the ACC, treat these as secondary objectives. Or, you know, DO ALL THE THINGS! (Thanks to Howie for the list - I'll add the links in a few minutes.)

Taldryan Competitions

Taldryan Gate Keeper Trials, May 2014 – Fight for the honour of being the commander of Taldryan’s Honour Guard!

Taldryan Gate Keeper Trials, June 2014 – Fight for the honour of being the commander of Taldryan’s Honour Guard! Starts on Sunday!

Tarax Has An Idea: The Epic Duel – Draw an epic scene from the duel between Tarax and Mav!

Hunt the Jedi #7 – Another Halc report? Another competition

DB Wide Competitions

Fading Light ACC Tournament – Currently going on right now!

May Madness – Hosted by Mark and Trout in Arcona, this competition is similar to the bracket competitions run by Zoron – only it is about our own members! (PS: Put money on Shad)

Warzone Veteran – A Fist of the Brotherhood hosted competition – Highest number of clusters of fire from Warzone battles wins!

Club Firsts: Diablo 3 Torment 6 DJB Group Malthael Kill – The first full group of DJB members to defeat Malthael (Act V End Game Boss) on Torment 6 Difficulty will all earn a Pendant of Blood.


For all of those that have missed me/been worrying/and so on. I’ve had some minor complications and had to check into the local hospital a few times. Nothing too serious, just some stitching that needed to be redone. I’m hopefully cleared and ready to assume direct control of all you little pandas once again. Sorry for making you all worry.

No quote for this month, or next month. I’m thinking about something else to do.

On a second note, if there is anyone that wants to run a competition, or has any questions/complaints/tips/tricks/hints, feel free to shoot me an email or pm me on IRC. I’ll always make time to be approachable and “there” on a personal level.

That’s all folks! I hope to see all of you in the ACC!

Mmm, reports. Congrats Armags, as well as to Kooks, Nero and Ondur!

Congrats on the promos, kids.

Kaz? The Tarax Has An Idea: Epic Duel competition isn't a short story. It's a quick graphics competition. :P

Crap, Armags is BTL. I gotta step it up now :P

We're all awesome.

Aaand Ondur got a badass avatar?!

Dru begins to grow jealous of those Dinaari folks

Tarax, blame Howie. I merely copy/pasted what he wrote :P

Howlander fails again!

Oh yeah Aiden. I liked it on deviantart and a few days later realised how perfect it is for Ondur's species and powers/personality/etc. The artist was very nice and his name is Adrian Droitt, almost too similar to yours..... hmm..

It's my destiny to meetb this guy :P

Dinaari's QUA is an emo-chick? =P

I think it's gonna be more like the film Enemy. Or Fight Club, in some weird reverse way.

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