Disciples of Baas - October Report


Disciples of Baas - October Report

Disciples of Baas - 5th October Report

  • Introducing myself
  • Joining a Battle-Team
  • Other News
  • Competitions
  • Roster

Introducing Myself

Starting things off with this report, I'd like to introduce myself, Some, if not most of you, Won't know me - I am often active in the House IRC channel and go by the nickname Cable (or Caleb if you've known me long enough). I joined in 2012 and was placed in Odan-Urr, I've never looked anywhere else since. This House is my home and I'd hope that I can provide the same sense of community that I felt when I joined to all of you as well.

Joining a Battle-Team

Rather than take this section to solely talk about just joining the Disciples, I decided that I would instead mention all of the Battle-Teams available to you. For those wishing for more information regarding the DoB, I'm looking to release a chunky e-mail with a neat description for everyone towards the end of the week.

There are Three (3) Battle-Teams to choose from:

  • Knights of Allusis - Our front line, To quote their Leader, Seraphol "The Knights of Allusis is a battleteam in House Odan-Urr that is dedicated to the Light. We are the tip of the Jedi sword, and we will carry ourselves as such. KoA are the headhunters of HOU. We are the ones who are pointed towards the competition and told to go to work. While our focus is mainly on gaming, you are expected to be well rounded and able to participate in all areas. "

The Knights of Allusis wiki page can be found here

  • Strike-Team Ooroo - The closest to space ninja you're gonna get folks! Strike team are for those who wish to play the stealthier types of character, you'll have all sorts to do such as undercover missions and Crime fiction. I'd go into more detail about them, but their wiki page does that strongly enough.

You can find the Strike-Team Ooroo wiki here

  • Disciples of Baas - Healers. Teachers. Students. Peacekeepers. Diplomats. We don't lead the Vanguard like Knights of Allusis, nor are we Agents of Stealth like Ooroo. We are those who try to prevent war, set our next generations of Padawans on the path to greatness and oversee Diplomatic relations. Our focus will be on Support based fiction (Politics, Healing etc.) and also Character development, through personal fiction or Wiki pages. We are here to help.

The Disciples of Baas wiki is here

Other News

As you all know by now, Odan-Urr's latest event Affliction has just ended, Both Light and Dark sides put up an incredible fight, Light won out in the end but not by far. Well done to everyone who participated, let's kick ass when Fading Light comes around.

Journeymen - You may or may not know this, but a merit medal satisfies one of your requirements for promotion, ultimately enabling you to progress to the ranks of Jedi Knight. Luckily the house has a list of items that we as a house need help with, Graphics, Wiki... Were you to lend your skills to the house, you would find yourself awarded a Dark Cross. Interested? Contact our Rollmaster, Rhiann


The Lighter Side Trivia (#Odan-Urr Trivia) : More to come!

Tales of the Jedi : More to come!

More on the way.


Ladies and Gentlemen I have been Mar Sûl and we are the Disciples of Baas

Kaira Rohana - #10057

A'lora Kituri - #12049

VanWyck - #8936

Mar Sûl - #130009

Kagerou Sunnyside - #13960

Final Note

Sorry for the Lack of Graphics and/or Opening fiction, I ran into some character related issues. I just hope you'll forgive me as it's my first report!

Good looking report Cable! Pity about that pesky GIF :P

It's not the size of the report, its how you use it. Nice report!

Nice first report!

I'd love to see Baas get larger.

great report leader!!!!

Great first report! You wield markdown like a pro.

Rhi - It's not the size of the battle team, it's how you use it ;)

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