Disciples of Baas Report "The First of Many"


Disciples of Baas Report "The First of Many"

Disciples of Baas Report #1


  • After serving as Battle Team Leader for 11 months, Ranger Lu'aisha Gresee stepped down. I want to thank her for her service on behalf of all of us. You will be missed and you will always have a place here with us!
  • Two new competitions are out there for your participation pleasure, check them out below!
  • Congrats to Korroth on his Dark Cross for assisting the Combat Master with corrections on the Wiki!
  • Congrats to Seraphol & Korroth on completing several Shadow Academy Courses.
  • Last but not least, congrats to Sa Ool on real life completing training for his new job!


There are currently two competitions out for your gaming and fiction writing pleasure:
1. Brand New Day - A BT Level Cluster Race
2. Faces that are so cold - Fiction
There are also numerous other comps including a comp in which the winner would become apart of lore!


So looking towards the future we have some things I would like to address in the near future:
* New military things, waiting on the focus group to finish their work however.
* Selecting a fictional direction for the Battle Team.
* Report Fiction.


So ends my first report as BTL. I look forward to working with all of you and I look forward to hearing from all of you!
Major Len Iode

First of all I want to Echo the Thanks to Lu'Ashia Greese for her hard work as DoB's BTL you leave big shoes to fill!! Hope you come back to us soon I miss ya!

Great First Report!!!! Good Luck Len and treat DoB well!

Great report, Len!

Great first report

Excelent first report!

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